My Prodject -- Pleas reply

Hello:smile:, my Name is Max Addison I am curently in year 9, doing DT. Our DT project is on designing a steady hand game, our teacher says that we could do the steady hand game to test people eg. for drink driving. As my Grandad has parkinsons :cry:, i was hoping to make a steady hand game for a person who is suffering from parkinsons to do each day, and im HOPING that this would help the persons steadyness with there hands.
Please leave repls and comments on what you think
Thanks Alot :grin:
Well I think that is a grand idea Max. I find that if I have to concentrate my shaking subsides (or maybe I just forget about it for a while!) Anything that holds the interest would be good. I'm sure that your grandad will be able to give you tips, or maybe you would like it to be a surprise? Big buttons & slow response times are helpful
Max, unfortunately our rules prevent the Forum from being used for research:

(3.1.13 not to use the forum to gather information for research, surveys or similar).

I suggest you check your spelling, though!
Hi Max,

Lucky Granddad having a caring and resourceful Grandson! I was amused by your connection between drunk drivers and us Parkies. I am sure many people think I've had too much to drink when a queue forms behind me at the checkout as I battle with carrier bags that wont open and money that wont come out my pocket.

I am sure the rules don't apply to a school pupil doing a class project, especially when it will help a person with Parkinson's. I, and quite a few people I have spoken to, find that when they do something they like, they forget their Parkinson's and it goes away for a while. Crafts and hobbies are typical - painting, drawing, embroidery and gardening are examples. For me it's woodwork.

Therefore playing your game should grab the player's attention so they are so busy thinking about it, they forget old Parkie. As Annebernadette says, big buttons (well spaced) are important as if the player has to fumble about to operate your game, they will remember Mr P and the shakes come back. If you can play the game whilst wearing thick gloves you'll get the idea.

Good luck with your project and let us know how you get on.