Need advice

hi everyone am not sure where to start but think i will just try and get to the point.. i have just moved to a new area and on my vist to the new doctor's and going over my med history and as soon as i told him about my tremors pins and needles in my hand and the headaches that my old doc try to say was sex headache (when they were not) and i tend to have dizzy spells and all backwards he asked how old i was again told him i was 40 and then what he said next shocked me. he said you to young for pd now i know its not to commom in someone my age but i do know it can be.... he told me he would ring me once he gets my note's from old doctors. i must say 4 them to ring you and for him to say pd has worried me a bit i have been on here trying to find out more about it and the more i read the more i think oh god that sounds like me not everything but i done have some really random thing happen to me that can say from a few days to a few weeks then just stop as quickly as they started... anyway what i need to know is what will happen next please if you can help me get this round my head this i would be most grateful x
Hello there .. Easier said than done but do try not to worry about it all because stress will make things worse for you .

You will talk to lots of lovely people on this site . We are all here to help/support each other .

I generally find that the worrying before any diagnosis is worse than the end result because then you can get on with whatever is neccessary.

This is coming from one of the worse worriers going lol.

My remedy is taking lots of deep breaths Good luck ..
Hi Bendy
First of all stop worrying - that will only make things worse. Easier said than done I know. Wait until things are confirmed whatever it is. Plenty of people on this forum have experienced the same things and are always handy to give support and advice. Try and keep doings things that you would normally do, this will take your mind off things.
Best of luc
thank you both and i do try not to worry to much about it keep telling myself what will be will be but sometimes i sort of have a little panic lol.. i also know there will be plenty out there that have it a lot worse and some like me that r thinking oh my god what will happen next.. i got to say i have a very good network of friends and family but just needed to ask people who have been there and done it. i guess i will be referred and will just have to take what ever comes my way... thank you again am most grateful
Hi Bendy,

The thing to remember is that we all have our own individual set of symptoms, and as you say some worse than others. Worrying and guessing won't help, I know not worrying is a lot easier said than done, but you've come to a good place for help and people to talk to.

All good wishes to you.

hi bendy
try not to worry but what you experiencing write it down when it happens,what happens,when,and what it feels like.then take it all with you it will help with dx and what meds will help.i worry for 5 mins a day when family are out of the way,normally at 1am.whatever the dx get the most out of your life today dont wait for tomorrow.
if you can do something about your situation do it,if you cant try not to worry.all the best.twins99
hi everyone thank you for trying to help me with this am not so stressed out now like i was when i first wrote on here. its been a month now since i seen the doc simply because i not long moved and they still not got my med records but i have took what everyone has said to me on board and i feel more and more that its pd i have i been doing alot of reading about it and talking to others but what will be will be and now am not so freaked out i know no matter what i will manage and get on with life. all my thanks and gratitude to all. take care and no doubt i will talk to you all very soon