Nerve pain


i take 12 gabapentin a day really suffer with my legs ,gp added 3 amitripyline and feel good have been on these tablets for about 5yrs work really great



                    My god Ali j

                  You must be  in  agony, I have two vertebrae with prolapsed discs pressing  on  the nerves  ,  more  the  left  side  but  also the  right, my  consultant is  most  concerned  and  has contacted a Neurosurgeon for  further  investigation,  and my  problem  is  bad  but  you I feel  so  sorry  for  you , its  so  horrible when you  cant  find  a  position of  rest ,  unfortunately  I  have tried  all  different makes  of  pain  killer  and well,  its  the  reason  there are  no  Asprins  in  the  jungle,??

                              (THE PARROTS EAT  THEM  ALL),,  Get  it  The  paracetomal,,,,  thats  the  only  painkillers that  work  for  me          in  fact codeine  based  killers  send  me  totally  loopy.

                                      Best  wishes  FED



Sorry bad   joke

                               I have read all  the  posts  on  this  thread and its  shocking that  so  many  of  us are  in  hell  living  hell,  I  feel  so   sorry sad  and  helpless when reading of  your  troubles,I wish I could stop  your  suffering for  ever but  theres only one  thing  will  do  that ,one  bit  of  good  news I have a  appointment on Saturday with a Neurosurgeon hopefully  he  will  fix  my spine,  we  shall see

                                                       Regards to all  FED


i AM  NOT  Joking  here,  but  have  you  tried paracetemal  its  the  only painkiller  that  works  for  me


Epidural is the best have mine every 6 months also gabapentin or amitripyline for nerve pain


I’m suffering with leg pain, finding it hard to walk, I’m on cymbalta for pain, not working, and tried steroids, medrol, but when dosage is lowered I’m right back to where I started, I don’t know what to do, I’ve read about a few people taking Gabapentin, maybe I should try that?


Whiich is better?

Thanks Gus


Best to just try it as we all have different experiences with medication. Keep your dr updated with how you get on. I hope it works for you.