Neupro & dyskinesia

My husband is 48 and was diagnosed last summer. He is on neurotic patches which have definitely helped his tremor but our night-times are terrible. When he does sleep he now grinds his teeth, talks and shouts out, acts out dreams etc etc.

The most distressing bit is that he regularly has leg spasms at night.his leg will jerk violently every 30 secs or so for several hours and the only thing that stops it is to walk around. His Parkinson's nurse (who hasn't got an appointment free until July) says he'll have to up his medication but it feels like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut! On the other hand we both really need some sleep :(

Has anyone else been dealing with these muscle spasms? Do you have any suggestions we could try?

Many thanks

I had the same problem when I was diagnosed 2 years ago. The pain is excruciating. Fortunately, upon taking my medication (amantadine and mirapex), the cramps stopped almost overnight. Unfortunately, they are beginning to start again, periodically and with less intensity, and the only cure now is to weight bear for a few minutes. I expect I will have to increase my meds; although I am currently on max dose of amantadine but only a small dose of mirapex. My wife is a physio and she couldn't reduce the cramp so I can offer nothing more than my condolences and best wishes.

Hi, I`m on neupro patches. I sometimes have problems at night my legs twitch and jerk, I was given CLONAZEPAM, I find they make me sleepy the next day so I don`t take them every night. I hope they find the right medication that works for you.

Hi Mygoodnessme - I also suffered from vivid dreams since before officially d/x 2 years ago. About a year ago I was getting dreadful cramps in my left leg during the night. I was also prescribed Clonazapam since when things have improved greatly.I still dream but not quite as vividly and usually only wake with cramp once during the night.

My GP suggested if I was worried about being tired the following day to take the medication earlier in the evening. Also you could try half a tablet.

To be quite honest this is probably the most effective medication I have been prescribed.

My husband was just the same . That is until we had a rise and recline bed . we were fortunately given one on long term loan referred yet the district nurse . I discovered if I raised the knee part a little it helped keep the leg supported , has has not a bit of trouble since although I can say they are the most comfortable beds otherwise . I find the the head part of the rise is toooo sharp and not flexible enough . Hope this is of help