Neupro patch 2mg

My husband has been taking Sinemet plus for the last 4 years and about a year ago he was given 2 mg Neuro patch as well . He has gradually increased to 6 mg because it did seem to help his generally and managed to rise from his chair more easily .

However his skin is sensitive to the patch and becomes red and can itchso we reduced the patch to the smaller 4 mg . Apart from that hee seems to cope pretty well with it .

Unless you have any problems dont give up on them because it did take a while to see any real improvement .

I think this goes for a lot of the meds .
Hi, I was diagnosed 2 years ago at the age of 48 and have tried to delay taking levadopa for as long as possible.
Two agonists Mirapexine and Ropinirole did not work for me so ~I was put on to the Neuro patches a year ago and which I tolerate well. I found that 2mg didn't help as I was cog wheeling a lot, I am now on 6mg which does has taken a while though but I prefer the steady release to the ups and downs of tablets and I can ride a bike again.. I am not taking anything else for PD..Just Coenzyme Q10 for energy and vitamin B complex.. Let us know how you get on.

I take 12 mg of patches a day, often not sure if they are working until I forget to change them and see how bad I am without them. Try to change them same time everyday, the side effects of being without them is bad.

Hi Scan do you get any problems with the reddening of the skin when removing the patch . I usually wash the area and if neccessary soothe it with Sudacreme .

I have to be careful because my husbands sking is quite fragile .

I have been on the 6mg Neupro Patch for the past 3 weeks and haven't noticed any difference.

I am stiff, slow and shaky, how long does it take before you notice any benefits?
My husband has been on 6mg for quite a while now . although his concentration seems a little bit better his mobility / stiffnes has not improved . The Sinemet and Patch dont appear to be helping at all but like you say dont really know unless you stop taking them .

He has been on the Sinemet only since the start was never given anything else to try until the patch .

They seem to be loathe to try anything else since I told them that he sometimes has hallucination at night .
started off on 2mg and worked up to 6mg but to be honest no long term changes,,tremor just would not go away,,on mirapexin now...tremor gone to start with felt lightheaded but got the first week out the way and fungers crossed seems okay,only thing for me is tiredness
my husband get tiredness and he lacks motivation ,when I do try to prompt or motivate I feel as if I am nagging . He also gets breathless if under any sort of stress . He says he isnt out of breath but it sounds like it to me

He can suddenly feel icy cold it creeps up on him suddenly