New boy here

I'm married, 60 and have had PD 15 years. I won't go on about problems, this symptom that symptom....we have heard it all before.
In my working life I have fitted tv aerials, satellite dishes and cable-tv and a few other bits and bobs along the way.
Welcome Whitenoise

We're on the same bandwidth by the sound of it.

See you around

Hi Whitenoise
15 years is a long time. I'm only at 4. Hope you are in ok shape.
Any reason you are joining now? Not that you need a reason. Not being nosey, just its obvious why the newly diagnosed join but I think old-timers (if I may use that phrase) often have more interesting reasons.
hiya whitenoise welcome to puk forum:smile:im ali been dx 11 years,im 42 years old:smile:lot of surport here on puk,and nice people to meet as well,ive made many freinds over the years,with pd,carers and family members:smile:i could say 15 years long time too,but im catchin u up:wink:as you can see the forum is gettin new members new and old arrivin and returnin ,which is great,the forum it self is movin forward and tryin out new things,the community is listernin ,and moderaters are to,to each other which is makin it work,onwards and upwards as they say.anyway whitenoise,it be great to see you around the forum,and if u wonna have bit of fun pop in the cafe on the social thread and i will do ya a cuppa as your passin by:smile: