New Drug Hope For Parkinson Disease

It is very pleasing to read of more and more recent activity around the world on research into PD.
However, yesterday the Daily Telegraph reported that Primary Trusts have secret so called red lists of drugs which can only be prescribed by a hospital consultant and not a GP even tho the drugs have been approved by Nice. it follows that If you are like me and never get to see a consultant, then it follows that the Parkinson nurse has no authority to issue new drugs.
Recently two men were jailed for falsely promising hundreds of kids a wonderful xmas experience which did not exist.I feel disappointed exactly like those kids
why dont you ever get to see a consultant?
I haven't seen a consultant for 4 years. He's apparently never available, and ALWAYS refers me onto the PD nurses' list.
thats atrocious
worldtravellor, why are you not seeing a consultant? I hope you were diagnosed by one and not by your GP?
Katie I have been diagnosed for 9 years and only seen the Consultant when I paid privately for a diagnosis. I see my Parkinsons Nurse every six months but I am happy to see her, I find her easy to talk to.
I haven't seen MY consultant for 4 years, either.
I see my consultant every 9 months for about 5 minutes - the Parkinson's nurse is far more help - always available by telephone or email and face to face when needed. She's also much easier to talk to about managing PD as well.
There is no PD nurse specialist in my area. If I have a Q re medication or side effects, I 'phone the consultant. Not being able to get past his secretary, I 'phone the PUK Helpline (who are wonderful). They tell me to contact my PD nurse or consultant. So I try my GP who cannot presribe without instructions from the consultant. In the end I do what my body seems to be telling me it needs
Hi all i must be the lucky 1 or perhaps it because i live on the isle of wight but i see consultant 3-4 months she must like the seaside :}.But seriuosly though have been dx fer 2.5 yrs and have seen neuro more than nurse