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My name is Pete. I have been dx for 12 years. I am managing quite well with the help of Stalevo x 5, Rasagiline, Amantadine and Sinemet CR at night.
I am still driving though that's under review .I live alone but I get by with some personal care and the friendship of friends.
I can still get about albeit with difficulty.My main problems are stiffness and
tiredness.I also have anxiety when mixing with groups of people which is not like me. I taught in secondary schools for 30 yrs.At present I am screwing up my courage to go on a month's holiday in Canada visiting my family.In the forum I hope to learn how others are coping, get some advice and maybe add something from my experience. Pete.

Hello and welcome, I am 51 and was dx last month. I find the support and encouragement of the forum very useful. I attended the local support group on Wednesday and found this very beneficial and inspiring. I realise that I am at the beginning of this PD journey currently only on 4mg Requip XL increasing tomorrow to 6mg so far no side effects other than the nausea and some headache but not sure if this is side effect or just a normal headache.
I am married so have support in the house, my friends and family have been very supportive since finding out my dx. I work full time as a Senior charge nurse, but currently on the advise of OHS working reduced hours until mid June but I think I need to be back at full hours although it is good to know I can go home early if over tired.
I wish you luck on your visit to Canada, it may be worthwhile letting the airline company know that you may require some help especially if you are travelling alone.
Good luck and hope to see you around the forum

hi pete
a trip to canada sounds like fun - whereabouts?
i need to keep driving as long as possible as the wife is an awful driver and theres not much public transport here in australia.

Hello Pete

You probably won't here from me much as I mostly just read (lurk). My husband is less than 1 year old in parky years and for me its mostly about learning. There is so much generously shared in this forum. Give my love to Canada and especially Vancouver if you go there. I used to live there as a child and still may revisit one day.

Turnip I just have to say... that's exactly what my husband thinks and yet I have been managing to drive myself about fine and safely for decades... he'd probably just stay at home if he had to be driven by me. Are you sure that's really true?:smile:

Hello and welcome to the forum Pete. I too have been dx for 12 years now, my condition was relatively stable for a number of years but now it's worsening daily.
I honestly don't know how I would cope without the support of my husband and I admire anybody who is managing pd whilst living alone.

A trip to Canada sounds just what you need, go for it cos we don't ever know whats around the next corner for any of us. Enjoy the time while you still can, I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience for you but as previously mentioned, do accept any assistance that the airports can offer.

I hope to see more of you on the forum and do keep us up to date about your trip. Take care


Hello Pete and welcome to the forum,

As already shown you will get a lot of support on here, with regards to going to Canada if you ring the helpline they should be able to give you the number of the Insurance group that is available to PD family's, I have used it myself for a branch holiday in England and they were very helpful to me as I was going to take my mother with us but she died so I had to cancel for both of us.
Have a great time.
best wishes Vivian
PS as you live on your own please think about getting a lifeline from your local council as just recently my friend who lives on his own has fallen and they were very quick at getting help.

Welcome to the Forum Pete,

Cyber friends are great because they are there for you when the rest of the world sleeps. However I have received terrific support from my local branch and ISW. Do you attend meetings? It is not everyones cup of tea but many of us enjoy the talks, outings and the comradeship!

hi to both of you guys!!

I am 4yrs dx going into 5yrs still drive work etc share your symptoms!!
Bethankit i take Ropinerol xl 16mg slow release nausea headaches etc normal at least was for me. as was alcohol intolerance! luckily went away!!
Still driving review every 3YRS

Bogmans words are too true and I would add:

Don't dwell in the past or live there

Live for today an enjoy what you may.

The future is a foreign land


hi dingle 32 welcome to puk forum,im ali,ive been dx for 11 half years,im 43 years old.lovley to see you on here:smile:lots of surport on here and nice people to meet up with .hope to see you around the forum x:smile:


Thanks for your warm welcome and kind thoughts.I am overwhelmed.It is corny to say it, but the 'milk of human kindness' is the best medicine for any disease.
I will certainly hang around the forum. Pete.

Hey Dingle32 are you descended from the Kerry men because being a bogman I would like to know providing of course you wish to tell us?

Hi Bogman.

Well spotted. My father came from Castleisland close to Dingle Bay.So I am descended from the land of saints and scholars. Regards, Pete.