New intro

Morning all, I’m calling this my new intro because I feel it is or rather my life is. If I started writing the way I talk I would be here for ever, so I’ll try to keep simple. Had 7 years of, various life impact changes, all written which helped me stay on this earth. Eventually ran out of head stuff and started writing poems inspired by no more moans in my head. Now just get dreams which feel so real, it’s like I’ve lived them in my sleep. Almost like I’m an actor in my sleep! However, back to reality when real news found amounts people who understand. All in all PK is a weird thing, everyday brings just darn right bizaar stuff. As written best thing I’ve learned, for me is the head can either cripple or help cure, for me literally and in body. So 7 years of a life of oddness, pain, hurt, realisation, every emotion under the sun. One big thing that also saved me apart from writing, my awakened passion to love far deeper, I’d forgotten it was there. Hence to say love conquers all and I agree. So hope everyone is getting and feeling some TLC = tender loving care. Having this condition is horrid enough, to me knowing I found my heart was not lost helped and to me helped me feel that it can be a really tough place in this world if not loved or feel love. Bit deep but as found love, also found words too. Have a great day, if you can. Ps sometime one finds things by accident, as with me a lot since Parkinsons. Good and not so, however I feel more close to me than ever even if more distant from most. Big hug always

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Hi Jules47,
I’m liking your perspective!

Thank you, it is more a way of life rather than perspective.