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Hi folks.
I probably know some of you from research meetings. As i have been doing visits for about 5 years now.Anyway we are fighting or should I say looking for the ultimate cure for Parkinsons.
Some say getting closer with more reliable Data and early diagnosis.
I had MRI and DAT scan. With the Brain bank and from all corners of the globe . progress is speeding up.
My motto is Its not what u cannot do its what you can do that matters.
All the best tony22
Welcome to the forum. I've just read through some of your excellent reports from research presentations. I was dx 6ish years ago and have recently become quite keen to find out more about research and the things that can be done to help speed up the search for the cure.

Welcome Tony! The Forum has been a great source of comradeship and education for me and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Please tell me where I can read your research reports?:grin:
Good morning everyone.
I have had requests to write about research site visits.Some people who are less able, I hope, will give them some insight to what progress is being made.Of course there is the Parkinson and Progress magazines that give a professional insight to what's going on.
From my point of view , I can give a layman's description to what is going on.
Hi Tony22,
Please do.