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I am new to the forum. We are both retired. My husband was diagnosed with Parkinsons approx 6 years ago although symptoms appeared before that. Meds kept him very well for 5 yrs but hallucinations set in and meds were adjusted. Difficult times. Lost a lot of weight, no appetite. Approx 6 mnths ago started on Complan as well as 3 meals a day and he has improved steadily - no weight gain though. Don't know if extra vitamins & minerals are helping, any ideas?
We manage very well, laugh at the hallucinations which are not a frightening as they were. We do have off days of course.
Hello and welcome Silverstone to the forum. I hope you keep posting and letting everyone know how things are with you both. Have a read through the posts as I am sure you will find that others are going through the same as your O/H. Keep smiling and all the very best to you both.
Radz x
Hi Silverstone, welcome aboard!

I'm Ray, 61, in Hull.

I was dx at 50, but with the benefits of hindsight I can see many of the symptoms going as far back as age 20.

I hope to see you here as often as you like. We usually have someone on line here round the clock, as many of us have hopeless sleep patterns.

So if you want to discuss PD issues, play word games in the Social section, look for a shoulder to cry on (or provide one) or just have a general natter over a cuppa, this is the place.

Take care.

Hi I'm Helen 51 in Aberdeen,

Dx 16th April and already a regular here. I find the word games good passes the time.
I still work full time as a Senior Charge Nurse although at present working reduced hours whilst I get used to medication etc.
Loads of topics covered in the forum and helpful info available.
Keep smiling best wishes
Helen :smile: