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Hi Everyone, Good to meet you all!
My Dad (Age 63) was finally diagnosed in July of last year and on the whole he is very upbeat about it all. He has had to give up working and we worried how he would fill his days but he has joined the local support group in our area which Mum and I are very grateful for. They have been an endless wealth of knowledge and support and throw one heck of a Christmas party!!!!
I have joined the forum hopefully to get more of an insight to what the future may hold for us as a family.
Advise, suggestion and any tips you can give are most welcome.
Look forward to getting to know everyone.

Love Lee xxx
Welcome Lee to the forum I am sure that you will get plenty of good advice and help on here. Difficult for your Dad giving up work, but that could be a good thing as any stress that may occur at work can cause his PD to worsen.

Is your Dad on any medication yet?
Keep on posting and hopefully you will get the information your looking for.

take care PB x
Thanks for your welcome PB,

Yes things are going well with his medication so far - He has his 6 monthly review with the consultant last week and they are happy with him just now. Only issue he has at the moment is general aches and pains - very sore and stiff so we are looking into way to relieve that for him.

Dad is very accepting and is very up front and happy to tell everyone and anyone that will listen. Mum on the other hand is the one worrying about a number of issues from money to care as you can probably appricate.

Reading all the post's and already found some very interesting and helpful points - just what we are looking for.
Thanks again

Lee xxx
hiya lee welcome to the forum,im ali been dx for 11 years ,im 42 years old:smile: well i think its good that you all have joined the local pd group ,thats a big step,some people find it real hard to face it.but were all different and cope in different ways.i me self found it the best thing i ever did:smile:,we also doa mean xmas party as well:laughing:u seem to be very close family wish is a very good thing,love and surport and understandin by friends and love ones it the most important thing when havin to del with pd daily, for the sufferer and the carer both need that contact.there is alot of surport on here at puk,and i hope to see much more of you around the forum,good freinds to make:smile:
Hello Lee I am 62 diagnosed five years ago. As you may already have read, simple exercises and stretching usually help to relieve the aches. Best wishes. Poll
Hi Lee, I have been diagnosed for 12 years now and my family have been amazing .Talking to people about Parkinsons,if they want to listen, is a tonic.Knowing you are not alone is a godsend both for carer ,family and of course the one "lucky" enough to have PD.Knowledge is a wonderful thing ,i read as much as i can about PD.Parkinsons uk are excellent and the parkinsons mag has given me a lot of information. I think my husband and children found it more difficult to accept than i did ,but we all get by with a good sense of humour and determination not to be beaten by this condition. i wish you all well. smiler:smile: