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I'm a first timer to this forum, so obviously I'm nervous about my first posting.

I was recently diagnosed, aged 58, and must confess that having got over the shock, I now find myself totally positive, as the diagnosis has answered until now, numerous unknown symptoms over a long period of my life, even some symptoms back to childhood years. Being diagnosed has given me back a zest for life which was rapidly diminishing prior too my diagnosis, and I am slowly re-building my self confidence for travel afar, some times with friends, some times alone.

I have trawled the forums and read much Parkinson's UK material, which has given me a new dimension with which to face the challenge and a brighter future, thanks to my GPs, Consultant, Parkinson's nurse and ReQuip Ropinirole medication, to which I've responded so positively. Yes I did suffer the dreaded side effects of which I've read of and which were explained at the time of diagnosis. Thanks to this forum, the help and understanding was always close at hand.

In my past I was a big drinker and suffered un-diagnosed, common Parkinson's side effects, which I now accept were, the trigger to my condition. I have not touched alcohol since March and have found my sleep pattern is much improved has have many side effects associated with drinking alcohol and having Parkinson's. My GP actually said, that in a strange way, being diagnosed, saved me from alcohol abuse. I am now able to accept that I no longer need alcohol and can happily mix with friends at parties or just in the pub and drinking soft drinks. I also have great pleasure in playing family chauffeur and repaying many years of being transferred about and becoming the worse for drink.

May I take this opportunity to thank Parkinson's UK and the many who dedicate so much time to the forums for their endeavour to further offer the help and support to those with Parkinson's whose needs are greatest.

As I am now diagnosed with Parkinson's I realize and respect the fact that I need to get myself properly covered with full declared medical travel insurance. As anyone got any good recommendations for a reliable travel insurance company who handles Parkinson's insurance?

Many thanks


no need for nerves. There have been several threads about travel insurance such as that might still be relevant.
Well done with the booze. Thing i may jump on the good wagon myself.
cheers (non-alcoholic of course)
hi welcome to the forum,im ali been dx for 11 half years im 43 years old.we wot can i say,you have said it all,you seem positive,you no the forum is great with surport,you are doin wot you wonna achive with travling,mixing with friends,and best of allyour off the booze which is would inspire many people,with this attide,keep goin with it,good luck :smile:
Well done Pegasuspaul for your excellent first time post. It was a heart warming positive read which leads me to believe that you will be an inspiration to other PWP's.

With regards to insurance when I wanted some I Googled " impaired life travel insurance" or "pre existing conditions" and found plenty to get quotes from. It is essential that the condition be declared. They usually apply an exclusion to anything that might befall you as a result of having Parkinson's. It has not bothered me because as far as I was concerned the most important thing was to have flifht and luggage cover and to know if I was in an accident (travel) that my hospital bills would be paid.

Hope that helps and I look forward to your blogs from around the world.