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Hi I was diagnosed with PD in 2009 with only a slight tremor in my right hand, but now know I had symptoms for some time before that. The shake is quite bad now. I use neupro patches, but have just started taking Orpenadrine tablets as well. I would be interested to know if anyone else is taking them? they are for the tremor. I`m 70 and retired
Hi I'm a new member.
So I,ll start with a few details about my self.I'm 66yrs old and
I've been diagnosed a couple of years with PD although I'm fairly sure I've had PD longer than that. I've been a Kidney patient for thirty years and currently have a transplant. So over the thirty years I've taken a lot of powerful medication for my transplant and other medical problems.
My main concern is though, trying to understand which medical problem is causing which symptom.
hi shaker welcome to parkinsons uk forum:smile:i also have a bad tremor,but not on the same meds as you,i have now been prescribed beta blockers for my tremor,im hoping this will help so sorry i carnt help with the meds for you,but there is alot of surport hee on the forum,im sure another member will be here to help you.hope to see more of you around ,take care :smile:
Hi. I sometimes think we are used as guinea pigs trying all the different meds. I`ve tried several different tablets and felt worse on them. I will keep taking the latest for a few more weeks to see if they make a difference.