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I created a profile on this group a couple of days ago. I have been challenged by depression and anxiety since I was 13, I had been a very studious child but my ambition to become a barrister was thwarted when I began to experience the conditions at that age, was neglected by family and teachers and did not know how to combat my anxieties effectively. 

Just over 2 years ago I met a friend who had experienced a number of strokes, had been advised that he was affected by a Parkinsonism and more recently diagnosed with Parkinson's condition. His mobility has been drastically affected and we've been going for trips out. On Saturday night we travelled from his home near Bradford to Manchester, he wanted to visit a busy nightclub and, with the help of others, I pushed him through crowds on a dance floor and we had a great time! I remain grateful to those who assist us on our trips out, there are some very warm hearted, helpful people in the world. 

I try and shy away from describing myself as being a carer for my friend, i see that a friendship continues to develop between us and our own experiences of life can help each other to challenge our own conditions. I really do look forward to making other, similar friendships in which there is mutual support. One of my main hobbies is gardening and I would dearly love to meet someone who would appreciate the efforts I make with my work. I cannot cook and, if the person who i could garden for would be happy to cook for me then we'd be onto a winner!