NEW parkinson's treatment in developement and use

Hi al. i'm new to this forum, and i'm here to help....

Some while ago i was watching in tv that the polish scientists done a very good job. They have implanted some wires directly to the brain. By direct electric stimulation people  with Parkinson's, depression and several different problems CAN feel better after battery operated devise is fitted. This is not any fake topic. I really heard that this thing works.  I seen 1 man suffering on parkinson's with devise fitted, and he was quite happy. He said that without this devise he is feeling like in "knight armour". This solution is good as long batteries are charged. i've heard that if you switch devise off then you gonna be back in to parkinson's "state". I hope that this info will help somebody. Unfortunately i don't have any links to their website but i'm sure you should be able to find it over polish internet :).  good luck

Its called deep brain stimulation. & its been out there for a while now,had it fitted about 2yrs ago and the batterys last about 5yrs depending on voltage.if your on high voltage yes you can get rechargeable battery which you plug into mains,it doesent work for everybody tho,its stoped my tremors & dyskinasia but my walking & balance not to good.And the brits & yanks invented !


someone, not sure whom, deserves  nobel prize for DBS.

Medtronic dbs therapy for (essential tremor) approved in europe,australia 1993. and usa 1997.For pd usa 2002.But uk and medtronic avanced robot treatment cant rember but can pinpoint the part of the brian mm ,i think i was told this at frenchay hospital,where they have new robotic theatre. thanks turnip.


have you looked at the gdnf trails at frenchay hospital bristol.intresting