New recruit

Hi all, Im new to the forum and just want to share my symptoms
I'm 45 and not been well for about 3 years, mainly severe fatigue type symptoms My GP put it down to Chronic fatigue. My condition has slowely worseed, with the main symptom being not being able to move my fingers on my left hand and when i do manage to, my fingers tremor also my left arm dosn't swing when walking. I went to see a neurologist in February who said that my left arm was showing Cogwheel Rigidity and that in his opinion it looks like mild Parkinsons, but didnt diagnose it for sure. I am now waiting an MRI scan and to see a Parkinsons specialist which is in June. I haven't been offered any medication only anti depressents by my GP as I am really down with all this.
I'm managing to keep working as a Project Manager, but this is hard going with my left arm problems
I was wondering whether anyone else has had similar symptoms and any support to help with the depression

Dear Crusader
Welcome to the forum where you will find a diverse and gutsy band of people living with Parkinson's. I am 46 and was 39 when I reported symptoms very much like yours. I had reduced dexterity in my left hand which I hoped an expected was a trapped nerve. My GP was very gentle with me but told me straight away to expect a dx of Parkinson's.

It takes time to determine for certain that it is Parkinson's but the initial tests will eliminate most other potential causes.In my case it was 2 years after initial dx before I got a 2nd neuro opinion and a further 6-8 months before starting meds.

7 years on I am still working and my main symptom is still reduced dexterity in one hand. All my friends and work colleagues know about my condition but my symptoms are well controlled.

I tell you all this to emphasise that there is reason for hope. When I was in the same position as you I looked to the future with great fear - 7 years on very few of my fears have been realised

I hope you draw as much support from the forum as I have

Elegant Fowl

p.s. Are you a caped crusader?
Hello Crusader and welcome to the forum. Your symptoms sound very familiar to me and I guess many others. Ive been dx for about 12 years now and had similar symptoms but I was told that same day that I had PD. Good luck with your tests.

Welcome I was messed around by GP initially; back an forth for some time with the doctor saying symptoms age related. But did get dx really quickly when I eventually got to see neuro. 4yrs on now an doing ok,I know its not easy but if you can exercise it will help your cog wheeling and the depression swimming works for me but really you can manage.
Hello Crusader and welcome,
As EF, Glenchass and BJS have mentioned, your story is not unfamiliar. I was 53 when dx (if I remember correctly) but had been to-ing and fro-ing to my GP for years. Like youself it was my left hand that shook alarmingly, and a non-existant left arm swing when walking, which was pointed out to me by a friend.
For me , it was actually rather a relief to get a dx (after a DaT scan) for these troublesome symptoms albeit one of pd. I was told that I may have had the condition for maybe 5-10 years.
Please do try not to be frightened of the tests & the results. There is much help available if a dx is made, not least on this forum.
If your GP is happy to prescribe anti-depressants and they work for you, do not feel guilty about using them. There is no shame to be attached to depression, whatever it's cause. You may find that, if dx, you will eventually come to some sort of acceptance and feel less depressed.

I wish you all the best
Hi Crusader...

...that's a good name,any reason for the choice?.. Sorry to hear your predicament - when you're in limbo like that it's not an easy place to be - but you've come to a really good place as you've seen by all the replies already..

Like you, my Left arm and fingers are most affected - bit of a bummer 'cos I used to play piano - but there's a way round most stuff - I've now got a keyboard which does single-finger accompaniment.. not so satisfying but does mean can still knock out a tune.. Hope you hear one way or the other soon - like you my situation went on for a while so much so when I got my diagnosis I as almost euphoric as "it" had got a name and we could do something about it - 24 hours later the ol' "black dog" descended!!

I have good days and not so good days, but on those days you can come here and meet friends.. ask for support... "shout" at it... and the HelpLine are brilliant.. I wouldn't presume to add to what's been said apart from 'good to meet you'... hang on in there - let us know how you get on... and never be afraid to
sign on and "say how it is for you" - they'll be some good advice and encouragement..

Take care - will look out for you... bursardavid
hi crusader welcome to puk forum,im ali ,i was also dx at a young age,ive been dx for 11 years now,im 43 now,your symtoms sound familar to me also,there lot of surport on here and good friends to made ,be lovley to see more of you around the forum,keep in touch with us ,good luck with your more tests x:smile:
Welcome, Crusader. Your symptoms sound pretty familiar. I hope we can discuss in detail some day soon.

Take care,


Dx almost a year ago now, my major problem that I'd like to get others views on is the tremor in my right arm. Sometimes it's going like a bee's wing, whilst at others, it's relatively calm. I've tried different meds to control it, but so far none have had any effect. First was Selegilene, then a beta blocker, then orphenedrine, and finally trihexiphenidryl. I have an appointment to see my GP later this week so if anybody out there can suggest something that actually works I'd be most appreciative. Best regards to all.
Hi Guys
Thabnks for all your supportive comments, its good to know that you are all out there and that there are are many people going through the same.
The reason for choosing Crusader as my Username was that I followed a Rugby League team called Celtic Crusaders, but I think Crusader is pobably quite apt to fight the battle ahead.
Elegent Fowl - A caped Crusader Ha Ha with these legs
As well as my left arm rigidity and finger movement problems I generally feel as though all my muscles in my body dont seem as loose if you know what I mean - they constantly feel tense and achy.

Question :- Does any of the Parkinsons medication help these type of symptoms

Thanks again for your support

The Caped Crusader Ha Ha
Hello Freddiesgrandad (now I wonder what yur grandson's name might be?)

I am sorry but I do not have an answer to your Q. It is my left hand/arm/shoulder that has a mind of it's own .Over the years I have been prescribed different medications, including like yourself beta blockers. and various self help techniques such as sitting on my left hand ( but falling short of cutting the wretched arm off). I have not , to date (3+ years since dx) found anything that I can categorically state is helpful in keeping the tremor under contol at all times.
Should your GP provide a more helpful solution, I should be very grateful if you would let me know.

With best wishes
Yes, I certainly will, but by the sound of things, it would seem as though we're stuck with our wobbly arms !!!
Every case of PD and response to medication is different. However, in answer to your question Yes, your symptoms will be helped, that is what the medicine is for. The Neuro will gradually introduce what he thinks will help you.