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Hello. I am new to this forum but plenty of experience in the last 3 years of meds, side effects and anxiety. I am now 55, male and unable to work at present. ESA has been stopped and my wife works to give us a "normal" life with a few highlights. Had alot of plans for the future, they are now forgotten. PD has devastated our dreams of a comfortable and enjoyable retirement. My wife has kept me going for the last 3-4 years and still delivers me to various appointments, listens intently and fights my corner if I can't be bothered. I am looking forward to reading about pwp going through the same as me to re-assure me nothing more sinister is wrong. I am at the moment having cbt for anxiety to help me come to terms with PD. But what i most want - is a decent night's sleep!!

I thought life was not that brilliant 5 years ago when I worked 6 days a week 50 weeks a year! How wrong can you be???
Hello Baz1,

Welcome to the forum, you will find plenty of people on here who have experienced the same feelings as you and are trying to come to terms with this condition. Everyone is at different stages of PD so there is sure to be some one who is at about the same stage as you. We have all had to forget about some of our dreams and try to make the best of what we have day to day, but don't lose hope it will help if you can keep up with some of your hobbies or start new ones.
The other way of looking at is you being determined to tackle this condition head on and although it will always be the [u]Boss[/u] you can give it good run for its money.
My husband has had it for thirty years now and is still only 68, he still plays a mean game of scrabble and enjoys the Wi games he also until recently went to a college for two days a week and his motto is (if you don't use it you will lose it) we have met many people with PD over the years and I think he is still the best he can be because the consultant has been wonderful until now, unfortunately he is now under a different one who has let him down badly but because his regime was set up before he is very stable.
I won't pretend it is an easy road it is in fact very difficult and I feel it is very sad for everyone to be landed with it, but we can't get rid of it so we have to find ways to deal with it the best we can with the support of our families and friends. I hope you don't think I am being flippant I am not but even after all these years if I dwell on what might have been I would be a total emotional mess and no good to my husband.
Good Luck and best wishes
Hi Baz and a warm welcome to the forum.
As vivian says there are loads of people here who are sharing the journey with you and understand only too well what you are describing.
I'm 46, male, dx 7 years ago, on meds for about 4 years and still working. I have been through a few fights with anxiety and depression and side effects.
I hope you and your wife find this place as supportive as I have in the last few months.

Elegant Fowl
hiya baz1 welcome to the forum,im ali,im 43 and had pd dx for 11 half years.lookin back to when i was dx and my futre ahead of me was a blurr,wot i had previous to that was a job,looked after my ill dad,mom and bruv,and ran against many of the greats,parkinsons changed me baz but for the good in my eyes,i do lot of fund raising for parkinsons and cancer resurch now ,which keeps my mind occupied,i carnt run now,but im involved with many of my friends who still run.baz your wife is workin,now the bread winner,payin those bills and havin spare money for those special times with you,i think you so lucky havin such a good lady,she obversley loves you,some dont have have come to the rite forum for surport baz,lots of good friends to be say you findin it hard to come to terms to pd,i can relate to that baz,i did to, the most helpful way to keep your anxiety under control is to talk baz,simple as that,just talk,let out everything that is bothering you,you have a wonderful wife,who listerns,thats a good start,havin cbt,good plan,meetin on puk forum to chat to pd sufferers in the community,is helpful,and also the helpline of puk will give confidential giudence as well.:smile: