New to group

Probably true, i guess we’ll never know now !!! Xxx

Oh well I’m sure we’ll get over it.
Oh I think I already have. HA HA
Hope you are having a good day…
:pill::pill::syringe::syringe::crab::crab: Tommy

Ha ha ha… Who we on about ???:thinking: Actually not had a great day, bad nights sleep due to cramps in my legs . Very stiff this morning, had a funny turn at work and trembly all day… Gotta take the bad with the good :disappointed_relieved: How’s you ??? Xz

I’m much the same as you I have a severe tremor in the right leg which stops when I walk and a left hand that cannot close also bad insomnia.
When I walk it’s like constantly going up a steep hill always fatigued but I don’t work like you.
Today has been fairly bad as my brother who had a major stroke just wants to give up as he is paralyzed on one side and incontinent so that doesn’t help with my depression don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to hijack his illness it’s just the things he says like he doesn’t want to live anymore I find too much but tomorrow is another day I’ll just soldier on trying to find the funny things .
Sorry you’ve had a bad day :pill::pill::syringe::syringe::crab::crab: TOMMY

Hi Tommy

I do hope things improve.
Thinking of you.


Are you back for good or just teasing your fans HA HA.
Good to hear from you my cronies .
As promised I said I wouldn’t be be a phone pest so I took the decision to delete your number not because I don’t like you but I think I shouldn’t have called you to tell you I was on my way to the hospital you and Mr Wood have enough to deal with
Keep in touch hen I can’t be in a gang on my own can I? Tommy :pill::pill::pill::crab::crab:

Dont be so daft Tommy.

I was pleased you rang.
As that what friends do.

So where is Keith are we no longer his friends.

You should do some recruiting for our gang seeing there are only two of us in the gang.

What is Mr Wood not in the gang
He’s obviously the best fighter and a true warrior to be proud of .
I haven’t heard from Keith on the forum yet.Tommy

No no no Phil never reads anything on the forum.

Just knows what I tell him
Ĺike about you and disappearing Keith.

Liked your jokes and funny stories.


Hey Babswood
Have you read further up this thread
me and a newbie Angela have been rather confused coz we both received a post from William well I think he was telling me he loved me too and And Angela thought it was for her but given that Angela has no foaty I think it was for me if only it happened when I was on levadopa who knows what might have happened mmmm or is William Keith’s alter ego HA HA TOMMY :pill:

Can I be in the gang??

You sure can Roy
Questions I don’t get notifications sounds any more has the forum changed or have I screwed up my settings somewhere?

Can you recruit cruisecontroler he doesn’t have to be a good fighter to be in this gang just the sheer power of sarcasm and I’m sure he’s got plenty of that to dish out HAHA

Oh and I don’t know why you asked Babswood .
I’m the leader of the gang

Thanks for accepting my application Tommy (or should I say Leeeeeee - dur!). The benefits of membership are hard to quantify in all our situations but it’s good to be here :wink:

Speaking of the music quiz…

Hi Angela

I hope you are doing well. I read your recent post and can sympathize with your apprehension and all that you said about diagnosis. I have had problems with urinating frequently at night and on a practical level I can say that my doctor/Parkinson’s nurse prescribed a drug called oxybutynin hydrochloride a well known tablet that has really helped me in not getting up every ten minutes throughout the night to pee. It works well and I can now go the whole night without getting up to use the loo.

Hi Roy
IN your last post to me about the benefits of being in the gang blah blah blah ,(Now that’s what I call sarcasm and I think you should be the leader L.O.L). TOMMY :pill::pill::pill:

Hi Pete. When I eventually get to see my PD nurse I’ll ask about that as the lack of sleep is driving me mad !!! Xx

Err hello , why wasn’t I informed about this gang ??? Can I join… Pretty please xx

Hi Angela
The gang is for mostly fun (no fighting) and a good dose of sarcasm we are recruiting now as membership fell to only one (ME) and now it’s growing again with Babswood and Roy s and cruisecontroler and also Keith if he shows up again membership is free as long as you are funny and slightly mad are you in? TOMMY :pill::pill::crab::crab: