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Hello, I was diagnosed at 42, that was 15 years ago. I gave up full time work as a scientist in 2007 but I've kept myself busy after my retirement both mentally and physically which in my mind is crucial to be able to carry this burden in a positive way.
Hi - interesting name. What kind of scientist? We (I) could do with some expert knowledge when we (I) get carried away with speculation. Hope you are keeping as well as can be expected.
I worked for 10 years as a medical scienist in a blood transfusion department then 5 years in a diagnostics lab formulating blood groupig reagents an finally 10 years in the hematology lab doing controlling and preparing biological standards and research in that same area.
I'm still interested in all things scientific and I'm an avid reader of non-fiction books.:fearful:
Very interesting. I have been treating my high blood pressure and edema by reducing my sodium intake drastically. Also looking at magnesium (re muscle cramps and stiffness) and potassium (re heart rhythm). All very complicated and interconnected. Neuros not interested in other areas and GPs not keen to step into PD area so no one person can oversee everything except the patient! Not asking for advice but any comments welcome.
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I take it you would have worked with various chemicals if so I find that quite interesting as the researchers are now looking more closely into these and the connection with PD.
My husband worked for BT and they used several chemicals for cleaning the equipment, we also know many people who have worked with chemicals in other fields ie hairdressing, labs in the tobacco industry, people at university working in the labs and other laboratories. I am sure the research teams will be interested to hear of other members who have some connection to these chemicals.
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Hello turnip,
Regarding nutrition I think this is fabulous advice for anybody, let alone those of us who suffer neurological illnesses. Although Dr Wahl is a medical doctor, she did not find the answer to her recovery in her own professional studies.

Yes, chemicals are suspected to be culprits when it comes to causes of PD. However I worked with biological substances not chemicals, the few hazardous chemicals that we used were manipulated under controlled conditions (mask, gloves, under a hood etc) so at least in my case I haven't made that link.

Welcome to the Forum. I am 62 diagnosed five years ago but had symptoms years before diagnosis. I find this Forum very helpful.