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Hi everyone,

My name is Mike, I live in Berkshire, although I originally come from Welsh Wales, and I have Parkinsons.

I was diagnosed about 3 years ago, when I was 62 ish, although I was misdiagnosed for a few years, so I guess I've had it for about 7/8 years all together, and I had to give up work just over a year ago.

For my sins, I am a member of three other forums ( Volvo's/ Fender guitars ) and I look forward to this forum being as active, informative and interesting as they are.

Hi Mike 700 Welcome , look forward to your postings.Angel4ux

Hi mike,

Just new myself! Welcome :grin:

fenders guitars, volvos and parkies - a niche market intersection but classy!

ie classier than than ukeleles, morris marinas and irritable bowel.

hi mike welcome to puk forum ,there is a lot of surport here,and good freinds to be ali ive been dx for 11 years im 43 years old,be nice to see you around the forum :smile:

Welcome Mike 700. Many of us are interested in music and obviously as a man with good taste in axe's ( I cannot play a note) please do tell where your interest lies? I'm betting on Blues but a Volvo man could be pure Country?

Hi Mike

I am in Berkshire too!! in Bracknell. hope you enjoy the forum.

I am also new to the forum, diagnosed yesterday. Will probably be here regularly to find out whats out there in terms of support. I am a nurse but have little knowledge of PD. Appointment with GP today to get started on meds (Requip XL)

hiya bethankit:smile:welcome to puk forum,im ali been dx for 11 years im 43 years old:smile:i no it a shock when dx,we all take things differently,but the main thing we are here for one another to help each other get through our daily lives.good luck today with gp,please keep in contact with us,love to see you around the forum x:smile:

Hello Bethankit. I have found the Forum very useful for information. Diagnosis can be a difficult time but usually things move and one can accept the condition especially when the medication helps. You do not say what age you are. Hope to see you around the Forum.

Welcome to the forum newcomers. I am sure you will find it very helpful .....................................

Thanks for support, think I will be a regular here but need to meet others for face to face support.
Polly, I am 51 so need to get my head round this diagnosis, lot of living to do yet!!
Just back from GP who is very supportive, practice nurse also full of support so thats great, commenced on drugs recommended by consultant, unfortunately pharmacy need to order in Requip XL so will need to go out again in the rain oh well not to worry will not shrink!

Hello all and a very warm welcome to the Forum. I noticed Bethankit that you are being started on Requip XL, just out of curiosity did your neuro discuss any side effects with you that might occur while taking this drug?

I'm interested in just how much information that newly dx people are being provided with, when I was dx 12 years ago I was given no information at all and I wondered if that had changed.

I hope to see you all around the forum


Thanks for the welcome everyone - much appreciated.

I'm looking forward to lots of interesting threads, and regular contact with you.

Best regards,


Hi Turnip,

I picked up my first Stratocaster in about 1962/3, in Cardiff, after saving all my pennies in Tom Thumb cigar tins - it cost a fortune I seem to remember, and I played with a couple of amateur groups occasionally, just for fun, but mainly in the front room.

The latest model is a Stratocaster plus 1997 model which I bought new, and it has only about 3 hours playing time on it, 'cause I gave up playing, just after I bought it, but now that Parky has arrived,I've started fiddling about with it again, it hopefully will help with brain and hands etc.

Did have a Morris Marina once - now what was worst Parkys or the 'Marina' - close call???



Greetings newbies

you will discover that Parkinson's is truly a designer condition - a bespoke tailored shirt kind of a thing. Your choice of axes may match it nicely. which volvo though? I hope you don't mean a puny dutch volvo.......

Bethankit - fantastic name. Are you by any chance related to lord bethankit who appears in Robert Burns selkirk grace?


Hi Bogman

My current playlist :-

Albatross - Fleetwood Mac, Amazed-Lone Star, On the road again -Willie Nelson, Samba Pa Ti- Santana, the Boxer-Simon &G., Smooth--Santana, Go Your own Way -Fletwood Mac, Pictures of Matchstick Men- Staus Quo, Sweet Home Alabama - Lynryd Skynryd,You've got a friend -james Taylor, Marrakesh Express-Crosby Stlls & Nash, Rocking all Over the Word -SQ, The Logical Song - Supertramp, sultans of Swing -Dire Straits, Hotel California. - Eagles, In the Army now-SQ, Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac, Caroline -SQ, If You Leave me now- Chicago

Not quite 'country' but Willie Nelson is in there!


Hi Elegantfowl,

I'm into cross country Volvos , mainly because my son and his family live in Denmark and sometimes the weather there is a little cool and snowy, so 4 wheel drive makes sense when we visit, but also because I could them as a 'company car' when I was working.

I've had an XC70, an XC90 and now an XC60, but now that I have had to give up work, maybe a smaller 4wd is 'on the horizon', but that's ok ?



Message for Glenchass - Neuro spent a long time explaining the side effects which might happen, also started me on Domperidone to try and help with any nausea I might experience with Requip XL but as I've been started on 2mgs not sure if I will experience the nausea but will take Dompereidone anyway don't like nausea.
At my initial consultation with neuro it had been suggested it might be Parkinsons, but consultant wanted me to have DAT scan this was done 16th March and CT scan 21st March appointment 16th April for confirmation dx PD. Consultant was very informative think I got the correct amount of info for me at this stage

Elegant Fowl - glad you like my name there is no Lord Bethankit in the Selkirk grace it is thanking the lord for the food
Some hae meat and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it;
But we hae meat, and we can eat,
Sae let the Lord be thankit.
As I like plenty of food this is really a good name for me!!