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Hubby diagnosed with PK in 2008 but now struggling to cope with it. Can anyone tell me which bit of the forum I need to go on to ask about his problems please?

They are mainly health ones. Thank you.
CARERS, FRIENDS & FAMILY sounds like your best bet, or - if it's urgent - call the Help Line - see top left.

The Help Line are fully trained and experienced, and if necessary can put you in touch with a qualified PD Nurse. They're all extremely friendly and discreet.

Good luck!

There's no strict rules. Just pick the area you think most fits your requirements. No one will get cross!!!! :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks Ray & Spam. I'll try the Carers section and see what happens. It's all beginning to get a bit overwhelming for me and frustrating for hubby.
my husband has had parkinsons for over 20 years but is now becoming unbearable to live with he is a heavy gambler accuses me of having sex with my 20 year old sons friends i am worried about losing our home all he needs to do as suggested by the consultant is change his medication but he will not do this and now the consultant doesnt want to see him anymore i am at end of my tether
Hi Worker

So sorry to here of your problems. Phone the Helpline as soon as you can (number at the top left of this page). They are experienced and can help in a wide range of areas. Try to contact a PD Nurse or support worker as they can also help. The Helpline can assist with this. Good luck and come back to us if you need a friendly ear to listen.
thanks pebble Parkinsons nurse also suggests change of tablets but hubby wont change them think helpline will be my next port of call