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I was dx in 1989 and have had many years of coping with PD. Now however, life is not so easy. Depression, apathy, age (66), confusion etc, are taking their toll. Sometimes I need some friendly advice to give me the ability to look beyond the self centredness that is so easy to fall into, darkening the clouds that surround me with their portent of an even more difficult future. Hopefully I will find some help here to help with coping with the later stages of PD!
Hi JBS, I was diagnosed with PD 33 years ago. So I guess I understand the things you are experiencing now. in fact due to the pd (that is what I have been told) the anxiety I get now is due to pd. Next week I am being assessed by the MH to see what they can do to help me . I know it is possible for people suffering from depression or confusion to see the MHT. Perhaps if you had a word with your GP or PAN if you see one, they could advise you on this.
Thank you for the reply.
Depression is the all encompassing cloud that envelopes me at present..
And the best way to avoid it is action and involvement but this is limited severely by my PD and unwillingness to face the day.