Just like to introduce myself here. Aged 50 and diagnosed 4 weeks ago. Main symptom is stiffness / lack of dexterity in right hand (I am right handed). I was already taking ropinerol for RLS so the neurologist has told me to up the dosage from 2mg to 8mg per day over a 4 week period, i have done this, yesterday being the first day at 8mg. As you may have guessed from my forum name my hobby is playing bass guitar, 3 months ago I could play fine, two months ago not so good, one month ago struggled through a gig, now can't play at all! Neurologist suggested that the increase dose would help but so far it does not seem to have done. Anyone out there had any experience with playing an instrument, am i likely to regain any playing ability at some point / dosage or should I sell by Bass?

I am concerned at the rapid rate of deteriation in my condition, is this common in early stages? any comment appreciated


hi bassman
8mg is not necessarily an effective dose so i wouldnt hurry to sell yet. also at some point over the next few years you are likely to include levadopa and that might give you some extra dexterity.
i am learning the guitar at the moment, which is probably mad, but i am having a lot of trouble with chords as two fingers of my left hand wont co-operate!
so if i were you i wouldnt be hasty but in some ways the better the musician the harder it is to accept a lower standard.
can't really comment on rate of change but wait and see how you get on with the meds.
look up about impulse control disorder if you haven't come across it yet - its a potential side effect.

Thanks Turnip

I'll hang on to the bass for now, very reluctant to sell but keep walking past it and thinking if only! Good luck with learning the guitar, what sort of music are you into?


hi Bassman and Turnip

I am diagnsed for 1 and half yrs ... been on Ldopa 3X100 mg daily for a while.

I play gtr in a trio .... find it harder than b4 but not impossible .... have had to forgo some of the mpore driving rhythms .. ie: the faster songs but other
2 members have been understanding.

Whats style of music do u play bass on ? If its Motor head it may be harder than
say CnW !

So I wudnt sell just yet .... part of the issue is that the thought of losing this hobby upsets me and makes things worse ... anything u can do to keep
calm in the face of this is good and you're less likely to get intp a vcious circle .... its tricky but I try to "keep calm and carry on " .... I hjave talkde
to a counsellor about this and she has helped .

Andy- Ojalahey

i'm sure what i do could be called music! sort of blues improvisisation - its slow and i can always claim whatever i play was intended. i used to play the sax but at least with the elctric guitar i can use headphones and not annoy everyone else.