Newbie and frustrated

My stepdad was diagnosed with Parkinson's 6 years ago which was a bit of a double blow as I was diagnosed with MS 11 years ago an inheritance from my father who died when I was 13, so my poor Mother is surrounded by degenerative beings !!!!
Stepdad (John) has always been a bit of a keep fit/ health fanatic so to say he's not coping is an understatement, although he still tries to work out every day and push himself to say strong, he has lost loads of weight, has only in the past couple of years taken the advice of his Neurology consultant and taken his tablets properly, we have at last managed to get him in touch with a PD nurse, but it's mentally he's the worse, he's furious with his body and trawls the internet looking for a 'cure' he's latest is a hair folicle test from a firm called Bionetics Ltd who have just had £260 for some tumeric, zinc, etc. Can anyone offer any advice on what seems to be a con please

sadly people see us and start rubbing their hands with glee, up pop the dollar signs. It is very difficult to deter us from trying everything that holds promise and even stuff that does not. Rational as we may be, the complete injustice of the whole PD thing can drive us to behave irrationally.

I am sorry but I feel that your stepdad should be gently handled and this may well mean going along with some seemingly whacky ideas. He will get there faster in his own time. This is awful for yourself and your mother, I'm sorry but believe me he is in an awful place at the moment.

Dear mrs t
Thank you for your reply, your right of course, and believe me this is not the first 'cure' we've tried, Mom and John have spent loads on alternative therapies, the only genuine one is a very nice acupuncturist, thank you for reminding me x