Hi all

This is my first time on any forum I have had pd for 12 years it has not been a smooth ride. I have never stopped working as I like my job very much. I work for the NHS for 19 years now and have a great team behind me that gives me a lot off support. My wife also works in the NHS and I have a 10 year old son:sunglasses: who gives me loads of fun and enjoyment I love them both dearly :laughing:


Hi Rick.
Welcome to the forum hope you will enjoy it for years to come. Working for the NHS you will already know how little the ordinary nurse or specialist out there knows about pd. At least you will be able to educate them a little. You say that you have a good team behind you - thats great for you but now you have another great team ie the forum. You have the right idea in pushing on with things as normal. If you sit on your butt all day and think about things, thats when your problems start.

Look after yourself and I look forward to seing your name on the forum more often

Hi Chunky

Thanks for the welcome.I will keep in touch with the forum. I work 12hr:fearful: shifts But it has its befits I get more time off to rest and do things at home. I am on night shift at the moment but its my early finish at midnight 1 more to do and get 4 days off:laughing:got to go now work to do talk soon.


Hi Newbies

Welcome to the forum I think you will find it both welcoming and informative,
I haven't got pd my husband has had it for thirty years and although it has been very difficult at times (he had to retire at 47 yrs)we have always kept busy and as he says if you don't use it you will lose it, so make the most of every day. He still goes to college two days a week when able and enjoys fishing when the weather is fine, he plays a mean game of scrabble too.
Lot of luck to you and your families.

Hi shakeyrg welcome.I used to work 12 hr night shifts andI used to love them .Especialy in the winter months,not having to get up at 5.30am
and face the cold. Keep positive ANGEL4UX

Hi mate my o/h works NHS and I work in related feild welcome to forum my kids older than yours I'm glad to say:grin:

Hi All

Thanks for the welcome its now 23:25 and have time to send this mail. I will be back Monday night after 18:30 to start my last night shift then four days off!:laughing:

Talk soon