Newly Diagnosed and Angry

Hi AnaElsa, I wish I’d met you 2 years ago. You have such a positive approach. I’ve had a quick look at First Steps and maybe that is a safe way to get involved. And I confess I am more of a ‘set up the hall before/tidy up after’ than being in a group so that will be a way in.
Thanks for your kind words. :crossed_fingers:

Hi you are very welcome Neil, feel free to message me, I’m more than happy to share any information that may help, take care

Hi Vicki, I can understand your anger. When I was diagnosed in 2016, as Billy Connolly says “it was one of those weeks” - on the Sunday I had a big 0 birthday, on the Tuesday my husband was diagnosed as having Alzheimers, on Thursday I received the PD diagnoses, on the Friday my big sister (who had always been my support in troubled times) died suddenly and unexpectedly. I did not know which one to scream at first but then thought I am still here. Some things will be a challenge but if you can laugh at them they are easier to deal with. As our house was at the top of a steep driveway we moved house to one on the flat nearer the town and had it adapted for our possible future needs. I have found that there is more than one way of doing what you want, it is just a matter of finding the alternative route. There are a lot of aids out there it is just a matter of finding them i.e I was having trouble lifting saucepans when filled with boiling water, I now have special a sieve which I place the veg in before boiling, when cooked I just lift the veg out leaving the water to cool before lifting the saucepan. We are not ashamed of our diseases and do not hide them if anyone asks. We still travel a lot but now book assistance and are not afraid of asking for help if we need it, total strangers will offer if they see us in difficulty. PD will throw you challenges but so does everyday life. Six years on life is still good and when we wake up in the morning we smile as we are still here.

Hi Sheila, wow, I’m just full of admiration for your positive attitude despite all life has thrown at you these past years! What an inspiration to us all. I’m the carer of my husband, diagnosed with PD 6 years ago. When I’m feeling sorry for myself and we’re having a particularly bad day, I’ll try and focus on your positive message. I agree, we have such a lot to be thankful for and life is for living … NOW! Good luck and best wishes to you both. Jean

To all contributors to this post started by Vicki1008 when understandably shocked, distressed and angry on diagnosis, I just wanted to say thanks to you all. It has not only generated some brilliant responses that are honest in acknowledging that living with Parkinson’s in whatever capacity is difficult and challenging, but also demonstrates the strength and resilience of the human character to rise above it all with a determination to live life to the full as best you can. As some of you will know if familiar with my own posts, this is very much in keeping with my own ‘philosophy of life’ always has been, even before diagnosis. I am well aware that at some time or other many of us, and I include myself in this, would have had our own version of the Queen’s annus horribilis, probably more than one; at the time you probably did as I did, kept going because I had no choice while at the same time wondering whether this rollercoaster was ever going to end. I think the daily challenge of living with Parkinson’s is a bit like that, some days are very good some days not so good, some days just plain awful a lot of the days change midway so you never really know where you are. I equally believe however that if you can hang on to the notion that life whatever it throws at you is for living you will have the strength to weather the storm because we are at heart a resilient breed with an amazing capacity for survival. The posts in this particular thread have done much to remind me of experiences in my life which have made me think as I do and which has become so important to me since my own diagnosis. My thanks to all and to all of you who believe life is for living, I sincerely hope that stays with you whatever challenges may lay ahead.


Agree with the people above, you don’t need to apologize, for all people it can be shocking. Take your meds and reduce stress.

I am unable to get a confirmation of diagnosis as yet as scan not till September October time . I have multiple spinal problems from stenosis to spondololythis and nerve entrapment. Had laminectomy at kings cross in may 20… Nerve root injection to L5 in March this year and suddenly my body doesn’t respond. Muscles all do not coordinate with brain! I have a tremor to right hand. Have been started on Sinemet yesterday as all neurologist and Dr say is possible PD🤦🏻‍♀️. I ask them could it not be spinal nerve damage? But no answer to help me. I am scared, anxious and worried about the future. I have had so much pain with back for years and been through so much. Yet I feel like no one is listening. PD can present several symptoms that nerve damage would. Has anyone else got spinal problems? Sorry for rambling… new member and feel like nothing will get better.

I was diagnosed at 52 I’m now 64. it’s not a death sentence. I continued to run my own business working 14 hour days 7 days a week. I’ve been on several cruises and holidays around the world. I still drive. I decided to retire at 60 because I wanted to spend time with my wife and grandchildren. However my wife continues to work part time so we don’t have a much free time as I’d like. The trick is nit to let it take over your life. learn to live with it. As I said at the start you don’t die from Parkinson’s but you have to take control. If you want any info Parkinsons UK is a great place to start. There’s the Parkinsons Community Facebook site. I have also taken part in 2 drug trials Because i felt the need to do something positive. Parkinsons effects people differently. People still don’t recognise that I have it because I use the meds carefully. get to know your Parkinsons Nurse they are a fantastic resource and very helpful. They have a wealth of knowledge.

good luck, keep smiling and don’t let Mr Parkinsons get you down


Thanks for the reply, I agree with you it’s just that I have been left high and dry as Sinemet and then Ropinirole have only exacerbated my symptoms and giving me terrible joint pain. I still believe that my spinal problems cause a lot of pain and mobility was extremely difficult before this. I don’t think they know what to do with me? May I ask what drug you are on and those you have tried . Thanks.

Same here angry ,crying ,lonely , every feeling in the book my husband was diagnosed and he 50 , but luckily we are all here to help you vent your feelings you are not alone

I recommend you sign up for the First Steps course. It was a valuable time that helped me accept what I have. First Steps programme | Parkinson's UK. The groups are small and a broad mix of people, including carers.



HI Vicky
I was recently diagnosed 3 months ago totally shocked, angry, upset I am still finding it hard to come to terms with it, I have just started my medication and really feel since the day i was told by the neurologist that I am on mine own, my wife is full supportive but feel I can not burden her all the time with how I am feeling, spending more time walking the dog at a slower pace, and trying to force a smile as much as I can, I am still working and will try and stay at work as long as I can give me some purpose, don’t get me wrong not feeling sorry for myself, but does seem like I was diagnosed and left to get on with it, the pharmacy at my doctors actually rang me and said my prescription is ready to pick up, not seen anyone since the neurologist, better stop there as i get carried away and ramble as well
but good luck and take care

I’m sorry you got it so young, I had clues and my dad had it too, I’m 60, luckily I had given up work about 18 months ago, and unrelated 3D issues ( no idea why) about 18 myths ago.
Unfortunately don’t have another half, have hopes of course and great family.
Hoping you can with meds and do as much as you can