Newly diagnosed

Can anyone offer suggestions for everyday life !!!I am 47 year old lady with 4 children, I saw my neurologist on 18th Nov and he is convinced I have PD,I am having a DatScan on 7th Dec,then a apomorphine challenge and lastly a second opinion.I am currently really struggling with everyday tasks,I have had a number of falls which are becoming increasingly serious(have a cut on my head and have recently fallen while walking along the street)and am generaly really having a bad time:flushed:,will medication eventually help????? if so I want to order a bucket full.

Thanks for reading x
Hi Diane, The best thing i found was gaining knowledge and a sense of humour. Knowledge takes away fear and we all like a good laugh.

just read this

If a bubble

Is the cause

Of all your trouble

If you feel

Your'e on the outside

Looking in

Let them go
Let them fly
Let them float into the sky

Just remember

At the worst

Once your troubles have been burst

You might get a drop of soap suds in your eye
That made me smile thanks Denise
Welcome although sorry you may have to join this club.Im a newly diagnosed mum aged 46. Ive been having tremors rather than falls. I can only encourage you to read and learn about the condition and also familiarise yourself about medication as it is important to be aware of possible side effects.
Hi Denise and welcome. I am a 65 year old male who was diagnosed earlier this year; although, I had experienced symptoms before that. My main symptom is a serious tremor in my right arm/hand. I am fortunate in that a combination of amantadine (max dose) and mirapex (half max dose), plus exercise, has taken away my tremor completely. It now only surfaces in times of stress or when I forget the drugs. I find writing about my journey to be very cathartic ( I try to do it daily. The problem is, I am running out of things to say as my symptoms are now practically non existent and I have not experienced any of the bad side effects of mirapex (compulsive behaviours). Drugs work to ease the symptoms but nothing stops the disease. Progressive diseases progress. We can only hope ours progress slowly. Good luck.
will be interested in how you get on with Apomorphine