Newly Diagnosed

Hi Maddison, interesting reply.  I forgot I had been referred to a 'shoulder surgeon', by a rather horrible consultant.  I decided to see my GP, with my husband in support,  and said "this isn't a shoulder problem, my leg is affected too".  That was the turning point when everyone started looking worried.

I feel guilty not telling people in general, as so  little is known about Parkinsons.  I feel I could be a very positive image, as I am incredibly active.  Unfortunately I have decided to put my own peace of mind first.  Friend and family still greet me with a slightly different tone in their "how are you".  I sometimes feel like saying "not in a wheelchair yet!"

My mother had Parkinsons for nine years before she died, yet I didn't recognise it in myself!  That's how much it is a 'boutique illness'.

Keep up the walking - and generally keep moving - I'm sure it helps.

Greetings J, VJ, Maddison, Elegant Fowl, Hartfelt and Swampduck,

My first time here since back in May.  I was diagnoed in 2012 and on the anniversary in 2013 fell and fractured jaw in 2 places, then 3 weeks later had emergency abdo surgery and removal of 4 tumours!  Recovery has been slow.

Now in good space.  Was on Sinemet Plus but the tablets kept breaking so now on Co-Careldopa.

I try to live in the now, or to live mindfully and meditate and take each day as it comes.  This is not easy but when I do manaage to live a day at a time, then life is good.  I also try to exercise as much as I can and follow the exercise regime from my physio.

I think PD support groups must be very helpful but there are none where I would like them to be.

Warm regards and best wishes to you all.





Good to hear from you again, Aberwells4!  I also find it difficult to live in the present only.  For so much of our lives we consider it wise to "plan ahead" that when we have a condition like PD, it's not a simple matter to alter one's entire way of thinking.  But, as you have noticed, I also think we feel better when we focus on the present, because we can be more optimistic.  That phrase "progressive disease" makes looking into the future frightening.  When I was first diagnosed, I imagined that 12 years later I'd be in far worse shape.  As it has turned out, I'm almost the same as I was then!  So I keep trying to concentrate on each day as it comes now and to maintain my optimism.

Best wishes,     J 

hello J of Grey Cottage - what wonderful names we choose for ourselves!

So pleased for you that 12 years on you are doing well.  Good news and encouraging for me, I do try to focus on the now but reading of how others are coping really helps.

Making the most of these last days of summer!

Best wishes




































































































Hi aberwells4 good to hear from you . Sorry you have had such a rough time of it lately . Glad you are feeling better . I agree it's probably a good idea to take one day at a time . As this is so new to me I've been trying to do that some days better than others . Monday was a bad day and went to work tues on just two hours sleep . I just felt really anxious . Slept well last night and today's been a good day . I've been trying to get my books done for accountant and was stressing over that . I've done them now . They're late going in . Should have been more organised . Normally wouldn't have been a problem but have not felt like doing them and found it difficult to concentrate . 

Don't know what happened there!

hi i am also new to this forum, i also was 45 when i was diagnosed in march this year.i had a suspision it was Parkinsons prior to my diagosis. i had a DAT scan last October but had to wait until march this yearfor confirmation.I am a staff nurse and have cared for many patients with this disease and it does scare me to know what my future may hold. I am recently divorced so snoring is not an issue for me although i would love to have a new relationship 

Hi hawkeye

i'm I similar to you ,I'm sister on children itu , 56 divorced grown up children , youngest still at home.

i was diagnosed sept been off work since June due originally to foot op and then due to poor walking and tremor . Increasing requip xl  slowly waiting for some improvement . Waiting to see occ health beginning of nov  to see if can go back to work.

how are you managing work? 


Hi Hawkeye

Welcome to the forum

Much the same as kittens    i was diagnosed last year with pd , although i do not work now my job was a supervisor i had a team of 15 cleaners who i was in charge off a physically demanding job which involved lots of walking on 3 floors of a big building  so would not be able to do that now , but also divorced  i have two grown up sons who still live at home

currently i am off work following a fall onto a spade and having severe hip pain which has left me with a limp and not being able to walk any distance without great discomfort . I have been asked by my employers for medical reports from my Gp and Parkinsons nurse prior to returning to work. I did work full time prior to diagnosis but have had to reduce my hours due to increasing fatigue.