No partner

Would like to hear how those sufferers without a partner cope with dealing with PD from day to day. Having a loyal and loving partner must be a real bonus in this situation but there must be, out there, some, like me, who live alone.

Also, anyone from Devon in the UK?
Hi my name is Jane. I understand what you mean by having a loving and supportive partner! I dont live in Devon but I am wondering about my future, where im going to live, whats going to happen etc? I am alone and hoping that i will one day meet either someone who is loving and compassionate or maybe someboby going through the same situation. I was diagnosed 4 years ago now at the age of 44. I was amazed at peoples reactions, it is not for the weak hearted, this parkinsons buisness. I think people can make you feel worse than you already feel because they are scared and dont know how to react.
It would be so nice to meet others around the same age.
How are you?
Hi I too dont have a partner so can understand some of your feelings. Im 46 and recently diagnosed. Ive now contacted a working age group not too far from where I live and hope to join up with them and their social programme. They sound really friendly. I do have 2 young children who do very fully occupy my time so Im very busy which I think helps. I think it is good to reach out to others in our kind of situation. I will also consider attending one of the conferences in the future too.
Just split from Alcoholic partner of 3yrs feeling scared of the future he is very selfish and friends have told him to stop thinking about his self and look and the problems i will face in the future on my own which really has hit home to me.But having said that i would rather be on my own hopefully it wont be that bad.