Nocturnal leg pain

Hi Peter, what strength D3 do I buy.

I suffer with pains in my arm mainly. PD nurse suggested Codeine but I am worried about the addictive tendency of it. It does not help so much in day but good at night as I fall asleep instantly and sleep for 7 hours after taking them. I will look into the D3.

I have had below knee leg and foot pains at night for over two years now. My Doctor, Neurologist and Parkinson nurse all say how unusual these symptoms are !
Its so comforting to find that I am not alone.

I sufffer with pain and numbness in my legs due to PD neuropathy and was prescribed gabapentin by my neurologist. You could ask your neurologist about whether this may help?

Hi all, I’m back! Can I say a HUGE thank you to Peter C. Went to my doctor about my leg pain (which is a lot better now that we’ve moved and I’m taking things a little easier) and he arranged blood tests and X-rays. I asked him if I could have my Vit D levels checked and he said it was very unlikely as they’ve stopped doing them in our area (cutbacks). However he said he’d make a case and try. He was successful (I love my doctor) and phoned me tonight with my results. Guess what? I’m vitD deficient! So without the help from this forum I would never have known about the implications of D deficiency. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I will get a supplement (D3) and report back in due course. TTFN

Hi Dolly, and fellow PDs
D3 is extremely important for many, many conditions. Its a hormone !
Most UK elderly are badly deficient by USA and Canada standards. I gave a talk recently to our U3A with info for deciding upon dose:

After the talk I was asked what the ‘natural’, pre-industrial serum level would be. Masai herdsmen average 115nmol/L. That’s the same as USA Inst Medicine advise for ‘adequacy’.And a lot more than the UK’s 50nmol/L.

For PD we see the importance of D3 in protecting the brain from degeneration by oxidative stress etc in slide 9. The science is a few years old but D3 has not been trialled seriously. . I am now a taking 10,000 IU pd to raise serum 25(OH)D3 above the present 170nmol/L towards the USA NOAEL of 220nmol/L, same as max safe level recommended by PHE. Why so much? there is evidence that NFkappaB , an inflammation mediator involved in PD, depresses the activation of D3 Receptor and the 1-hydroxylation.In other words brain inflammation means I need more D3 than the Masai.
I dont know for certain if high D3 will slow PD progression…its an experiment…but based upon science not hearsay.
Drug regimes that raise dopamine add to the oxidative stress, so I shall continue my high-dose D3 to protect the dopaminergic neurons if/when rasagiline becomes necessary.

PD desperately needs a D3 trial. The problem is its called a ‘vitamin’…doh.