Non-motor symptoms

Thought some PWP would enjoy this's good to hear that so much is now known about these symptoms and how this will lead to future therapies.



Thanks for posting this. It is one of a series of pod casts published monthly in the run up to the World Parkinson Congress. This one features Professor Ray Chaudhuri who has pioneered the understanding of non motor symptoms in Parkinson's. 


Gg thank you 

that was very interesting I enjoyed listening 

all the best Ian xx

I am pleased you enjoyed it Ian.

It is good to hear that other PWP share the non-motor symptoms and the idea that different drugs will be available for different symptoms is very encouraging.

I will keep an eye out for interesting podcasts in the future  or perhaps Elegant a Fowl will alert us?



Hi gg

that would be good I'll look forward to that all the very best for now

ian xx