Not sure if I have been diagnosed or not

Good Morning All,

i had a DAT scan and its a very simple process and not as noisy as an MRI, yes you do need to have a injection of radio active solution but its a small dose and given about an hour beforehand and needs time to circulate around the body especially the head before you get x-rayed, once done it confirms or not whether you definetly have parkinsons.

Nothing to fear about and much more relaxing than an MRI  Scan which i find more stressful .


Hope this helps big grin



Hiya Chubber


See that a couple of fellow sufferers have replied to your post, hope it gives you a bit of relief as to what happens at a Dat Scan and put things into prospective. As I said I haven't had one, just the MRI scan which diagnosed my PD luckily within six months, I think I would have been a bit down had I not known my diagnosis sooner.

Keep focused and don't let it get you down, I've got a more positive attitude to PD and wont let it get the better of me.


Keep smiling big grin

Hello Anne!

Many thanks for replying to me, it's appreciated. Thanks for sharing your experience of a DatScan with me. I've just had a letter for an appt for a DatScan at the end of the month so I haven't got long to wait.

Your comments on Madapor are encouraging too. I guess I've just got to be patient.

The main thing I was trying to find out was whether I'd be ok to go by train and bus and I think I will.

Thanks again for replying to me. 


Hello Shefinn!

Yes I'm pleased to say two people have replied to my post.

I can see your positive outlook is going to help me a lot so thanks for that.

I've now had my appt through for the DatScan and it's the end of the month so I'm grateful I don't have too long to wait. I'll c the person who referred me soon in the new year.

In the meantime I've just got to plod on with Sinemet which just isn't agreeing with me.

Thanks again for yr continued contact.




Hello Kyloe!

Thanks for replying to my post, much appreciated.

Your description of what happens in a DatScan was confirmed in the accompanying notes that came with a recent appointment letter.

Thanks again.




Hello Chubber


So pleased you have your appointment come through for your Dat scan, just hope they don't keep you waiting too long for the result, or will you get that the same day?


Hi Chubber and shefinn

I was formally diagnosed by March 2011 following DAT scan --GP and neurologist had discussed the probable diagnosis prior to DAT scan result --Scan itself involved dye given a few hours before having to lie still flat on back and not move my head for 20 minutes ! Even though I had been prepared for it I was still devastated at result ---denial I think !

I started meds in the June (ropinerole and Madopar)

I suppose knowing what I have is better than not but it did take me a while to accept it ---if one ever does !

good luck to you both .

Hello Chubber, Glad to be of help, honestly dont worry about the scan itself nor the injection. The positive thing is you will get a reliable diagnosis.

Good luck big grin

Hello Sheila!

Thanks for continuing yr postings.

I expect I'll have to wait til I see the Consultant in January but u can be sure I'll ask!


Hello jdj!

Thanks for telling me about yr experience of a DatScan.

The general consensus seems to be that it's nothing to worry about and not noisy like the MRI scan was.

I know what u mean about being in denial. When I eventually accepted I may have PD I thought I would be ok but I'm not coping with my medication which is making me feel quite ill. If the DatScan does confirm I have PD I'll need to definitely change it.

Thanks again for contacting me. It is appreciated




Hi Chubber


As jdj says when you do find out that you definately have PD you don't want to accept it.

I was always happy go lucky but went into shell and wouldn't go out anywhere or have people round, but since I went on meds I haven't  looked back. Went to see a live football match with family and grandsons then came home and made tea for them! Went dancing at a friends wedding!

Hope they sort you out on the right meds then you can get your life back on track. Good luck and take care.


Thanks for keeping in touch!

Hi Chubber, hope all is sorted for you now, my question is, we are going to be in the area over August how do we get in touch with the New Forest PD group, do you have any contact points?

We ill be in the Hampshire/Dorset area so both counties are available to us.

click on support for you scroll down enter postcode of place you want.hope you don't mind me butting in.

These comments seem to apply very much to myself. I have benn having deteriorating walking and balance problems  since the beginning of this year (2014) and also over a longer period difficulty in maintaining my weight. I have been in pretty regular contact with my GP who suspected PD and sent meto the neurologist. Afteri had seen him he put me in for a CT scan of my head.

this came through for 13th May and I again saw a consultant on 15th July who made a rather woolly statement to the effect that I have not got PD but he prescribed Madopar doubling the dose every teo weeks.


when I got the medication and read the instructions I was amazed to see that this was specifically for people with PD,  not plus any other conditions.


he promised me a review in two months for which I now have an appointment on 23rd September.


last time I saw my GP. He realised that I can barely walk and emailed the consultant to bring this forward.


said consultant is on holiday and his secretary thinks it is not likely he will be able to bring this forward.


i could go on and on but am bored with. The wait.

Hi mzungu how did your appt go with neurologist ? How have you been ?