Notice changes?

Hi all
You might have noticed some long-awaited changes on the forum. These include:
  • Search - you can now search by post topic or by user. You can find the search from the left-hand menu
  • Most liked - there is a new tab on the main forum page showcasing the most liked posts
  • 'My messages' is now more conveniently placed on the left-hand menu
  • 'Save' has been changed to post
  • The 'flags' are also working again so you can bookmark topics, like posts and report posts again
We'll be trying these items out to make sure there are no problems over the next few days. Do try these out yourself and if you have a question, you can reach us at [email protected] or post on this thread. 

coolbig grinGood morrow my ladyEzinda

            the improvements are excellent you and the many others who have contributed you time and sweat and tears, if I win £111.000,000,1.27p I shall keep the 27p and donate the rest to this forum, think what you  could do with that,,, no not a lot of yacht that you could not....seriously though you have made some excellent changes so there will be alot of happy  folks this morning all buzzin and exitedcool

Hi there fedexlike, Ezinda's not in today but I'm sure she'll be pleased to read your comments. On behalf of the rest of the team too, we're really glad that you like the changes.

Thanks again!


hi sharon, how do you start a new topic ! ie highlight topic top of page

sorted thanks


                    Good morrow, Sharon

               I wont repeat my previous  comments regarding the changes made  suffice you have transformed the old carthorse into a Buggati Veyron, the whole system is smoother faster and a joy to be part of, I am assuming that Ezinda will be in the office  today so thank you both for being so patient when old Feds potlap tpolip  patolp,,, oh flip you see what I have to put up with, this lenovo gets vert huffy at times ,however it did have a problem with a couple of stubborn viruses which I eliminated so things should be  ok now .

  I feel muchly of wellness with onlya  atomly like of retardation, and a smidgeon (similar to a pidgeon) ?  so I am going to the ranges to see if my laser like accuracy is intact, by for now, and thank you.


                                  Kindest  Regards  Fed

Hi fedex,

Yes, I'm back in the office today and really happy to hear that you're enjoying the changes. 


Why what's changed? Only kidding!

posting is much more robust now that we post instead of save   Who knew that changing the the value of a command buttons attribute could do so much.  

A monumental effort, well done IT CRowd!