Numient tablets


Is anyone taking Numient which is supposed to keep you "on" longer.   Would be grateful to hear from you.  



Numient is the European name for Rytary and in November last year it has moved closer to being available soon as the marketing has been granted to Impax

I have been waiting for this a long time . I know goldengirl will be interested, there maybe others


I am very interested in this too. Haven't heard of it before. My Madopar is not lasting more than two and a half hours these days:(



Hi Kate...yes I have been waIting for news for a long time!

Our neuro was not hopeful that it would be available soon, I assume because of expense, but we are optimistic that sense will prevail.

It would make an enormous difference for PWPS like my husband who has to take Sinemet every 2 hours.