OCD Manifestations

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from this terrible side effect, do you know you're doing it. For example, do you know you are washing your hands too many times, or placing far too many posts on a forum?

I wonder?


How many more times.........?


Not everything is about you. Many people who take DA's have this issue...calm down!

I agree, Spammy, so why is it that whenever I post anything about anything this hokey-cokey train of enemies always crawls out of the gutter and tries to knock me down?

I've even on occasion posted something, got attacked, then posted the opposite view (by putting it a different way) and then been attacked again by the same people!


Calm down, this thread is not about you. It's about PWP, all PWP!!
that's an interesting question and one i have been pondering. i think there is a continuum of behaviour from mild interest through keenness to obsession and out of control obsession. most highly successful people are obsessed with one objective but dont have ocd. at the far end of the spectrum you know you have a problem when you wish you hadnt done something and then go and do it again and again.
there is also the problem that the sufferer doesnt want to see the problem and the gradual nature of the change makes it easy to ignore.
which is why a partners observations might be most useful.
there is probably even an overlap between the behaviour of 'normal' obsessive people(eg keen hobbyists) and people with low-level ocd.
so is keen posting ocd? wish i could tell!
perhaps it doesnt matter, its whether the behaviour is destructive that matters?
The answer is a yes and at the same time no.To waxing and waning degrees and controlled and yet not controlled.If things start to disturb the balance of your life because of what you deem OCD behaviour,then problems need addressing.If there is no harm being done,then don,t stress.
All the best
In my case yes I was aware of my OCD problems but thought I was in control of them, I think it's only when your in too deep that you face the problems.

That makes sense I suppose. I am fortunate not to be effected by this terrible side effect and was just wondering if , maybe I have been effected, but just don't know it!

I have recently started to print out my on line bank statements to show my wife, so that she can be sure I'm not doing anything silly...or dangerous.

I hope nothing like what happened to ROS happens to me.

It's weird!

Best wishes all

I think everybody be that they have PD or not have very slight OCD's ....I don't have PD but my children say I have OCD.....let me explain.....I like my towels hanging in a certain way and the toilet roll put on holder paper rolling from the front. I also like all lables in store cupboard and fridge facing out, now that may sound like I have OCD's but I just like things that way because it looks tidier.

I am sure your good lady wife would notice if you were doing something out of character.

Hi Radz,

I guess that's where family and friends of the PwP can ascertain whether the behaviour was there all through their life or due to PD.

I don't have PD but
(1) if I start to read a book and continue after more than one week I have to start from the beginning.
(2) all of my CD's and DVD's are ordered by artists name (alphabetical order) - thus I know where a CD or DVD _should_ be
(3) i do not like seeing bottles/containers near empty in fridge or pantry so I pour contents into a full bottle of same product (there is normally room at the top).
(4) i order my wife's, kids and my shoes by style and then by colour.

I guess everything is about grouping with me. :imp:

The bad guy in Sleeping with the Enemy has nothing on me :flushed:

Best wishes