Old friends

Hi all.
Remember Peter Middleton? I got 3 emails from him out of the blue yesterday. Wonderful to hear from him. This is what they said:

3.18 pm

Dear *****

I see you are still causing uproar on PUK! lol I thought you were leaving to seek pastures new? Hows Hull? Still the pits of the world? Well, it would be with you living there, wouldn't it my old pal? lol. No, seriously though, hows your thriving business of ticket sales for concerts going? Surely the people of such a fair city as Hull would support you and pay heavily for the privilege? After all, you are a prominent and much loved denizen of that part of Yorkshire. Hey, I hear you're putting in a claim. Maybe a share out to all the duped punters would be in order if you win eh? That would look good on your profile.

I would really like to meet you at some point and have a chat. It would be great! I was hoping to catch up with you at the PUK's meeting about DA's but you bottled it as I thought you would. All that effort and time that you put in to set it up. Such a shame that you didn't turn up!

Ah well, time for me to sign off matey. Stay healthy.

Its soooooo nice to see you are still posting.


7.19 pm

Whaddya reckon ****

kyle was a w*nker
and raymond is too
hull victim was stupid
renaissance was pooh

nice eh?

9.28 pm

Hi *****

come down to see me...I'd love to meet you. its only a couple of hours away.

come on now....dont be shy!

we have so much to discuss. lots of business to attend

bring bluey and sid with you

cya matey


This is the sort of moronic "colleague" from this forum we can come across.

Dear Mr Middleton has been sending me guff like this - on and off - for a couple of years now.
Saw your friends topic before it vanished, Ray.
Ah, Mr Middleton.
A name from the past.
Did you know he`s only 5 feet 2?