P.i.p is a fiasco official report from p.a.c

The public accounts committee have come to the conclusion that p I p is a fiasco that has let down the most vulnerable  in society,it goes on to say that it has caused distress and hardship due to the long waiting times.margaret hodge has said that the implementation of p I p has been a fiasco,enough said

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Did you spot the comment from our CEO Steve Ford in this article about the failures of PIP in today's Independent? ind.pn/1m39UNn



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                No I haven't but I will be clicking on the link in a short while,just one other thing has anyone got a idea what is happening when I post a new thread my I pad likes to post it twice,even when I only click post once, 

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A very expensive fiasco , it costs them more money than they set out to save

Has anyone else had to wait for months and months for an assessment foR pip?  Personal idepeNdance payment.

I  applied in october 2013 , i was asked to complete two forms one 40 pages long, one 28 pages. I duly returned them and was told (when I called) that i would be contacted when they had an appointment. I have not heard from them for months now. My PD is getting worse, i have difficUlty in the simplest of tasks now, washing my Hair , bathing,repsaring food are all dificult. i hsve terrible dyskynesia. my eriting is terrible , i fond using a Phone dufficult as i slur my speech.

Some days i feel like i am a burden on society as i cannot be reliEd on to contribute. ibwas oNce a smart , englissh teacher, now i am in  debt to my mortgage company, feel embarrassed by my appearence and really find it hard to keep aSking for help. 

My Consultant wants me to Consider dbs i am really worried tHat i will become more dependant on others and  because of my difficulty in looking after myself i worry about aftercare.

I live on my own now as my husband didnt  understand the fluctuation in my condition, my daughter tries to help but has a todldler to look after.

i Was diagnosed 13 years ago (43). I  Worked up until last year.Any advice 

out there would be gratefullY ly received.Sorry to winge.


I applied for PIP in Sept 2013, i was offered a home visit by Capita in November 2013 , but at same time i was told that although i could have a home visit there were no assessors employed in my area to carry out the assessment i had to wait till March 2014 for my assessment


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but pip assessments are taking a very long time at the moment it was just under 30 weeks before my pip claim was finalised

It will be either Atos or Capita that do your assessment , i would give them a call some times you are able to get a appointment whilst you are on the telephone

Thank you. I  try again tomorrow. 

Still waiting for Capita appointment .

45 weeks now.

Does anyone know how to crack the Capita appointment code?

Do they back date any successful claim?

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45 weeks isn't that absoloutely awful what a load of rubbish this system you need to get on to your MP if you have not already 45 weeks is ay to long what do they hope to achieve keeping people waiting that long your MP will ask questions usually gets them moving...................Paul 

Hi tiggy,

             Yes your claim is backdated from the time you made the first phone call to dwp,my claim started in August 2013 and I got my decision in June this year all you can do is hang on in there.

good luck pjc1959

Tadah! Star date 09/10/2014 Status DWP have made a decision re my PIP. I have rung them many times (each time I recorded the name of the person on the line , date and time). I made so many calls that I filled an A4 notebook. My last resort was to quote their own Charter back to them through their complaints area on their site. I was contacted immediately by a lady who agreed that the wait was unacceptable, she promised to look into my case and would get back to me in 20 days. Although I have a decision (a good outcome) I think the level of award is too low, but won't be chasing up a further assessment as I don't have the strength!!!! Thank you to everyone for your kind support. Especially pjc and Shelly. Together we can crack this. PS still waiting forDWP to get back, rreference to Startrek is no coincidence, a decision could be light years away. T

Fantastic news tiggy,

                                 I was the same as you thought my award was a bit on the low side,so I asked for a report on how it was all worked out several points were miles off target so decided to put in for the re assessment of the award this can take up to 12 weeks but is still back dated from when you started the claim,so it could be worth a phone call to challenge them.

all the best pjc1959

Well having had contribution based ESA which I didn't continue with as I've saved too much over the years, I've made my phone call for the PIP forms, which arrived today/yesterday.

Now the question I have is the ambiguous 'sometimes' tick box.  When my meds are working I can tick mostly 'no'.  That's good news in my eyes and the reason I haven't applied before.  The trouble is the meds efficacy varies day to day and even hour to hour so at present for about 50% of the average day I could tick 'yes' to being adversely affected in nearly every section.

The trouble is that leaves 50% when I'm completely unaffected in day to day terms.  If only I could predict when that was I'd be delighted.  

I think I'll put the above text on my PIP form additional info page with the heading; Why Parkinson's has a impact on my life every day and hour but you wouldn't know it 'sometimes'

They warn that it will take about 28 weeks.  By then I'll need another form.....

Any tips on the trigger words that best explain the variability of PD?


Congratulations on your pip award Tiggy so glad you have a positive outcome



The key words are

Reliabley , to a acceptable standard , in a reasonable amount of time  and  most importantley SAFELY

if you would like to pm me i will gladly send over some examples of  how i addressed these issues in my pip claim if it will be of any help to you 


did you hear anymore from Dwp with regards to your pip ?




Hi Kendo

I got the help from my parkinsons support worker  with completing my PIP form, it was so confusing for me, either that or go to your local citizens advice and see if they have someone to help you. I've just been awarded my PIP in the last few couple of weeks. It took 24 weeks for my decision from beginning to end.


Good Luck



Sheffy, thanks, I have a CAB friend now you've pointed me in the right direction.

Michelle, just what I needed, pm on its way.



Hi,shelly,yes I have had my reconsideration no joy just said the original assessment recommendations would stand,just a letter came in the post no phone call to ask questions a bit to late now to appeal letter had been on the floor for 5 weeks as I had been away.

all the best phill

Sorry to hear about  your reconsidersation Phil, did you get awarded any pip ? as you can always add extra information when you need to be reassessed

Hi dwp never phoned me to ask for anymore information just made the decision from what the assessor had put in the report,I have had pip at standard rate but lots of information was wrong,the assessor took presumption's on what I could or not do,and got it wrong.

all the best phill

My wifes PIP forms filled in today......now for the long wait (26 weeks hopefully sooner)