Panic attacks

Hi all

Started my first meds Resagiline 5 weeks ago so bit early to say if any effect. Big problem though - had been on Paroxetine for 20 years which as an SSI had to stop taking. Blithely thought ok I can do this but about 3weeks after stopping started with crippling panic attacks. Reading the literature it seems like it is impossible to find an anti depressant you can take with resagiline. Starting CBT tomoz but admit to being sceptical. I feel at the moment like stopping the resageline & going back on Paroxetine as the panic attacks are worse than other symptoms! 

Any advice gratefully received.  Diagnosed 18 months ago aged 56. 



Don't know much about panic attacks but there is article that describes anti depressants that can be taken while taking azilect

3things you should know - AZILECT

I know azilect is used in early stage PD but it seems to take some time before it has any effect.  My neuro treated me with max doses of amantadine and Mirapex and the effect was immediate.  Within 24 hours my tremor had disappeared and I was feeling better.  That was almost 5 years ago and the drugs are still working; although he added L-dopa.  He says it can't hurt to start the L-dopa now.  I suffer no side effects from any of the drugs and except for a few days when the symptoms appear (usually as a result of stress), I remain mostly symptom free, except for an inability to speak using "adult" words.  You can read about my journey in my blog at

Hi  skippey mum and wpgchap I have panic feelings and have been prescribed mirtazapine at night have taken for 1month so far only  gives me diarrhoea in the morning every medication I am prescribed never seems to do what it should. Feel like giving it all up I am just taking mirapexin at present one a day but doesn't do anything for my shaking.   

Not much help am I hope you get things sorted out