Parkinson's awareness

Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Week. When ?

How would you sell your house? A simple enough question to look at but what about the answer.

Not so simple is it?

What would you do to attract prospective buyers?

Put up for sale signs outside.. Is that all?

Estate agents, adverts,

What would you do to make it more sellable?

Paint and decorate the inside.

But what about the outside?

Paint the outside. Tidy up the curtilage

It’s looking a bit tired and worn out.

Spend a few pounds, well a bit more then inside, and expect someone to come along a smell the paint, but I guess they would not know the house was for sale would they, if there was not a sign saying so.

Does this sound slightly familiar , in the week of Parkinson’s Disease awareness.

There would be no point in spending on paint to change the colour if there is no body going to see it.

As far as I can see there is no more awareness this week as there was last week, but I will not tempt providence by trying to look ahead.

The flag’s colours are new but is the flag being seen?

I have left the Parkinson magazines I had in the doctors, dentist , physios waiting areas and when I went back to have a look they were either buried or gone, so needless to say it is not as simple as at first thought, as a sustained attempt seems to be needed to raise the flag above half mast, so in this example perhaps leaflets might be at least worth a try, but as part of a more sustained effort.

know what you mean gg all i heard about was a couple of minutes of tv air time a few pages in mags hardly high profile yet in the same week i saw commercials on dementia alzimers and age awareness so where were our commercials i think they would have had more impact also a wide audience alround anyway it looks like the oppertunity has been missed take care and goodnight:smile:
The ship is settling lower in the water, the crew is gone leaving a few stalwarts behind but even they are becoming complacent. Is it really worth spending a halfpenny on tar to save the ship, maybe some are thinking not.

Maybe a ding dong heated debate would rouse those on the fringes and stir them to look, but wait while the dust settles, then stick their tuppence worth in.

Ah well, is there anybody there?

Hi GG I'm here,I don't know about being a stalwart.I'm definitely not sturdy or strong ,but always faithful Angel4u