Parkinsons but no visible tremors

hi, sorry i am not able to cheer you up but i too have a disabled person in the household who i would like to look after better instead of them looking after me! Anyhow, i suffer from chronic dizziness and fatigue 24/7 which gives me no respite whatsoever. i can hardly walk, which is due to dizziness and balance problems so all in all, the future doesn’t look too bright. i hate having parkinson’s and all of its symptoms but i suppose i’ll.just have to get on with it. sorry for moaning to you but that is how i feel
just now. i desperately need someone to talk to as i can’t tell my family because of their worry.

I don’t have any visible tremors. I was diagnosed two years ago although my symptoms had been with me for some 3 or more years. A diagnosis became urgently needed when I had to renew my driving license. The consultant said I needed to put PD as a diagnosed condition. It took a while but I am able to drive and maintain my freedom.
The inner tremor and feeling of anxiety can be unbearable. I take Madopar 100;25 four times a day and was using 5mg Neupro patches once daily. I had an unpleasant skin reaction so have been changed recently to 6mg Ropiniriol controlled release. This seems to be making a huge difference overall. At least with Ropinirole added to Melatonin at night I get a reasonable night. The only downside is that at wearing off time I get uncontrollable jerks of the arms and legs, enhanced inner tremor.
Does anyone experience a total restlessness? Unable to settle physically or mentally. Constantly finding jobs to do whether it be fence painting, clearing out cupboards, housework, putting things in order. In fact anything that stops me sitting down and relaxing. I’m always on edge and looking for the next task. I experience some fatigue but feel I should be absolutely exhausted.
Constipation is another problem and I take 6 sachets of Movicol a day to help this problem even though I eat a healthy diet with lots of fibre, vegetables and fruit.

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