Parkinson's for over 42 years and still counting

Hi everyone ,

Just a quick hello really to say Ive had PD since 1975 and am three weeks shy of my 49th birthday . I genuinely believe I am lucky  as I cannot remember my life without PD so have nothing to compare my life with beforehand plus  my body has developed to the physical demands of the disease . 

I would like to pass on my experience and insights  to anybody who may benefit.


keep fighting !





Just wanted to say !i like your style" i truly believe a positive attitude helps a lot with this disease. I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago at what to me feels a relatively young age of 58 , i like to think i am a young 58 with a good happy outgoing personality , still working , enjoy a drink with the lads and a round of golf. I am going to fight this thing until i can fight no more and i believe i can sense that type of attitude in you , kepp fighting mate . And what a great gesture to offer support to others through your experience while fighting your own demons.

Hi Matty

I agree with Ratty, a fine positive attitude. Though it must have been a bit of a challenge being a medical curiosity when you were young, so maybe that’s what made you mentally stronger. Where Eagles Dare, perhaps? 

It would be good to hear any tales of what life was like back in the daybig grin


Hi Matty,

You're an inspiration to us all. I agree with IM please keep posting

Many thanks for your reply lovely to find another  kindred spirit ! I have done  a few presentations at big events that were filmed so if you are interested then if you go onto YouTube and search " Matt Eagles  / Parkinson's " it should come up with a few clips to watch ....NB if you just type Matt Eagles it might very well come up with an Aussie Rules Footballer .... that's not me lol !

Hi Mike ,

Thanks for your reply here is a link to a talk i did in March at  Wired Health which kind of goes through a potted history of my PD journey !

I really do believe in honesty so its not all nicey nicey im afraid ... i also try and look on the bright side of life ...even though i support West Ham !!!

Thanks Daffy ! I will!


best wishes 



Blimey, Matty, if you support West Ham you’ve suffered more than I can have imagined. Parkinson’s as well would be more than most of us could take. Mind you, I’m Blackburn Rovers and Stenhousemuir, so I know what suffering is like...

Hi Matty,

I just watched your potted history on utube. Amazing. I'd recommend anyone to watch it wether or not they or anyone close to them has PD. Thank you. Thank goodness teachers and others would not get away with that sort of behaviour today. Best wishes to you and your family

Wow, that’s so great that you have dealt so well with your condition.
I’m struggling as a newly diagnosed fit and healthy 60 yr old I never thought I would have anything like this. A positive attitude is the best.
Thank you for posting