Parkinson's Symptoms?

I am 27 and initially I went to the doctos a while ago as my CK levels were elevated and I had a persistent muscle spasm in my toe that was ongoing for over 4 months every day. I had a Brain MRI an EMG blood tests all came back fine. I saw a neurologist who did a clinical exam fine. However I still feel like when moving my hands or feet that they sometimes feel like they're creaking. Like an old wooden chair, over the last two days. I work with a mouse and keyboard everyday that my index finger on my rigt hand is moving involuntary but it's not persistent. And sometimes it's a different finger by mainly my index finger. I play football and tennis fine. My wrist cracks a lot and my leg joints but I get up and move fine. 

I also find that when I smile my cheeks quiver. 

Hi warren

Do you think you have parkinsons and  does your gp think its pd because as a sufferer for 11yrs the symtoms you discribe dont sound like pd but then i could be wrong the first thing i noticed was a weakness in my r/hand and an ache i could not use my r/hand at times when the consultant diagnosed me he noticed my r/ arm did not swing when i walked i have not got a tremor i suppose i am lucky in that respect if your symptoms persist go back to your gp and dont give up good luck.