PD, constipation, bowel problems

I am new to the forums.
I have been caring for my mother in law for the past 9 months. She is only 59 but has been diagnosed for 14 years.
Recently she has been having alot of bowel problems. Starting with gallstones but most recently she has been suffering with constipation and was admitted after Easter with fecal impact. Despite 2 enemas and lots of lactose she is still suffering. She also has had a rectal prolapse which is still being investigated. On Friday she was re-admitted into hospital as her left side from the waist down has been “pulsing and painful” she says it’s like a tens machine! She has still not been to the toilet properly (4 days) and finds it extremely difficult to get comfortable when on an “off” period. Seems when her meds are wearing off the nerve pains kick in big time.

We’ve tried to investigate possible reasons for the pains but her PD nurse and hospital nurses have said that it’s most likely the Parkinson’s advancing and that she’s not accepting that it isn’t likely to improve and she’s looking for other possibilities to blame.

I guess what I was wondering is if anyone else or loved ones are going through a similar situation?
Or advice/tips on how to try and make her comfortable.

We are trying to find a good recliner chair for her but it’s not been easy as her meds are restricting her from getting out to try any chairs.

I find it hard that she’s gone from being such a strong independent woman to relying on me to help her get dressed and I want to help as much as I can.


You sound like such a caring daughter-in-law hats off to you.
I’m afraid my hubby has recently started having problems with constipation and is now having to take laxido despite him having a really good well balanced diet.
I am lead to understand that constipation needs to be managed well as this can have an impact on the effectiveness on the absorption of his Parkinson’s medication and also vice-versa as the Parkinson’s can affect the gut and slows the motility down. It’s such a debilitating disease and this is one of the many issues it brings.
I am aware that there are some reps that supply recliner chairs that will do home visits have you also considered asking for the occupational therapist to do a home visit to assess for a chair and other possible equipment.
Not sure I’ve been much help but wanted to know hear to listen

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