PD, falls and broken hip pain

Hi, my wife has fallen in the night and broken her hip. Now 5 months on, the bone has knitted and surgeon is happy but the pain is bad. She is tough and determined, but had expected to feeling much better by now.
The statistics show broken hips and PD are very common due to the need of high speed trips to the loo and the unstableness that goes with PD.
We are hoping other members might have been through the same trauma (i would never wish it on anybody) and have some clues about the pain and duration of the disability.
She so wants a bonfire with her wheelchair and zimmer on the top!

Hi and welcome to the forum @martinas, I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s injury. It must be very frustrating for her to still be in pain. However, it’s very heartening to hear that she hasn’t lost her determination and sense of humour. That would be a great bonfire!

As you say, falls are quite common in Parkinson’s and you can read more about this here. I’m sure that others on our friendly forum will jump in to let you know their own experiences.

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