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I think if you are on a certain drug regime that seems to suit you than try and stick to it. I know our tabs get changed from time to time but they dont always work for the best. Give it a try and then talk to the consultant/PDNS and lets face it we all know our bodies better than anybody else does.

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We have all seen the news about QMC Hospital Nottingham is there a good side to QMC since first attending for my PD I cannot praise the staff of Clinic " 2 enough.
We have 4 PD nurses in time have seen them all, and I want to praise all of them for the job they do, it is fustrating for us, so I don’t know how they all cope. None of them give up on us. they are always there to answer any of your questions. our PD nurses could not work though without the other staff the reception /care workers/ physio’s/cleaners. PA’ and the others to many to mention. I think we are very lucky here in Nottingham, we are looked after so well by the PD team. My brother who lives in Lincoln was told he had PD 2 years ago and he is still waiting to see a PD nurse but like I told him would it not be better for you to contact her/him. No i’ll just wait for them to ring he said.

Has anyone had any experiences to share about PD nurse and physio availability in Essex? It would be nice to have some feedback from anyone to see what you thought about the services here.

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Hi @Fishbelly Whereabouts in Essex are you? I live in Ongar and see one of the PNs who cover West Essex. You can self refer if you have a confirmed diagnosis.

We live in dorset too and was allocated a PD nurse straight away

I have one & seen her twice in 3 years, she has been good, & gives lots of information if you ask for it.

I have seen an excellent PD nurse at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford. If local to you please dm and I will give details.

I was diagnosed july 2020, during covid, prescribed Madopar, and put on a pd nurse’s list. Saw her september 2020. She adjusted (increased) meds. Appt booked Jan 2021 with consultant was cxld due to covid. Saw different pd nurse june 2021. Meds increased again. Appt with consultant for jan 2022 again cxld, no more appts made. Have seen 2 more pd nurses since. I think ive seen 4 different nurses over 4 or 5 appts and the neurologist just once. To be fair, covid hasnt helped; the consultant has many differing neurological conditions; the pd nurses have very specific knowledge. Some are better than others.