Personal safety on the forum

Thank you for bringing this up Emily.

I would just add that I use two different names on the forums in question. Benji, on here, is the name of our rescue dog. The name that I use on the other forum is the breed of dog.

how sad for those people who have nothing better to do than stalk websites such as this. :angry:

wondered where he dissapppeared to, glad he was not one of us

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Happy New Year Renaissance and everyone,

Is it something you say?

Regards, Cecily.

Happy New Year by the way!

I think that the moderators are aware and are vigilant to any misuse of the forum and deal with it.

I cant help- but wonder just what some people get out of this sort of thing. Do they really lead such ssad lives that they have to stalk a site that is trying to offer support to people who often feel unable to ofload anywhere else. most of us feel that we do not want to burden or carers/partners with any more, so why would some jerk take advantage of this?

Baffles me totally!!!!


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I agree, that's terrifying.


your latest post will also be removed as it is a repeat of the one that was removed earlier.Live and learn.

Admin. are soon on to any dubious posts, let them deal with it.

I have also been tracked down but I do not go on and on about it.

Hi Glenchass and now YorkshireRose too,

Happy New Year.

You also have fallen to the game of 'Chinese whispers'!

As Emily has quite rightly pointed out, information can be take out of context and 'used' against an individual, even possibly by a contributer on this forum.

There is no right nor way for that individual to defend themselves if they are receiving a temporary suspension!

It seems that sometimes, we should take other peoples angry, personal issues with a pinch of salt and leave them to themselves, which is probably/possibly what Emily was doing in deleting inappropriate insinuations.

One could suggest that the 'sad' 'jerk' that 'stalks' this site is on the giving end of these tales.

Verbal goading is not a crime (I believe but may be wrong), but hounding, bating and fighting definitely are, or are we humans excused of such activities because we have a slick tongue?

Nobody is perfect so can't we give people the benefit of the doubt?I thought we were deemed innocent until proven otherwise.

On that sad note, I wish you again, sincerely, a Happy New Year.

With best wishes, Cecily.

PS I too have been attacked on this forum but I have let the moderators sort it out, which they, as Benji has said, have done.

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Just in case you 'get hold' of this info, R, I'm a bulimic, ?suicidal (I'm still not sure if I've the guts for it) alcoholic, manic, dyslexic fool that you could ever have the misfortune to meet.

But I hold my head up high because there is another worthwhile side to me that is caring, generous, I hope informative and actually likeable.

I believe you have two sides also, not getting too personal, and I know the good one will stand above the other.

With respect let the other go as I have to.

We've both got PD fo Christmas' sake. Isn't that enough?

With tolerance, Cecily.

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At least we're keeping the moderator moderately busy.