Following targeted physiotherapy, where I indicated the 'uncomfortable' areas, I entered a period where the Stalevo treatment appeared not to be effective. My neurologist prescribed a change in medication that made matters worse and it was immediately stopped and the Stalevo dosage was then increased, which in turn caused more discomfort.

My GP had made a comment upon upon the lines that getting the balance right for each case is experimental; And having read somewhere that overdoses can cause similar symptoms to those the medication is treating, I embarked upon reducing the Stalevo dosage.

As a result, I found that the muscle discomfort vanished and now continue happily on a lower dose; with the view that further reductions can perhaps come in time.

While also inviting the following article

Destructive Pulse Syndrome © Andy D Kemp 2011

Stemming from the fact that, with the help of physiotherapy, I have been able to reduce my intake of levodopa based medication; The idea of and thought towards the possibility of DPS involves a visualisation and simplistic view of an energy circuit that relies upon feedback loops to govern its sustainability.

Imagine a simple self sustaining circuit system, comprising of, a self governing pulse generator with rechargeable battery and wired in robot arm. Energy is sent from the generator around the circuit, the robot arm moves, burning off some of the energy and the remaining unused energy flows back into the generator, where more energy from the rechargeable battery combines sufficient to send the next pulse to continue energising the arm. Of course, for such a self sustaining system to continually function, the pulse generator would require governors, balancing and regulating all the available resources relevant to the whole system, such that the arm could retrieve an additional energy source to top up the rechargeable battery.

Now let us through a spanner into the works, shoving a single variable resistor into the circuitry that interrupts the energy flow to and from the arm. This resistor will not release energy to activate the arm, until it has received an increased amount of pulsed energy, and indeed with its variable nature, it can at times withhold more of the returning energy, to the point of eventually releasing a sufficiently larger surge of energy back to the pulse generator, that is greater than the generator itself normally supplies.

Obviously, when this occurs, the pulse generator requires the means to adapt accordingly to address this imbalance, which may include the ability to, discharge or disperse the energy, and or an ability to replicate, replace any damaged elements or destroyed cells within the brain.

While the above is not a very scientific description, and the human body is by far, much more complicated than a series of simple circuits; there may well be some common sense reasoning, to consider the full effects of internally damaged or scared tissues within and around the nervous system throughout the body, that may effectively kick start or perpetuate a variety of motor neuron, neurological disorders (dependant upon the location of damaged nerve tissue and the portions of the brain the returning pulses damage).

This in turn suggests, that by treating the root cause’s; with some good exercise, gentle manipulation, stimulation (including target specific repair medicine), and massage in physiotherapy, some progressive diseases may be completely avoided, slowed down, or even cured.

While this may not cover every aspect of neurology, even the genetic make up of nerve tissues may invite similar 'resistance and surge' patterns occurring. It is the approach to identifying and treatment of the causes that is important, rather than just topping up deficiencies emanating from the causes.