Pins and needles

I was only diagnosed in February and am still experiencing new symptoms - or am I? I have had pins and needles up and down my affected arm - does anyone else suffer the same way? Not too troubling but rather intriguing.

Walked the Colne Valley Walk for Parkinson's yesterday and raised over £2000! So exciting and worthwhile.
Hi Jill22,
Congratulations on the fund raising, you're wonderful !! What a great effort, wll done :).
I'm sorry to hear of your pins and needles, I'm also only newly diagnosed, but if I spot something in the books I've just bought, I'll let you know. Bye for now, Francois
Hi ladies,
Im new to pd like urselves, havent had any pins and needles as yet, ru on meds yet? Mayb cld b that?
Hi Jill22

Welcome to the forum , there are so many lovely people here who give excellent advice and willing to help where they can.
Before I was dx I had strange things happening to my left side. Face on left side always felt numb, pins and needles in left hand and this continued right down to my foot. Used to go to the gym at this time so thought I must of trapped a nerve.
I am now into my 5th year of PD .

Well done on your fund raising, excellent !!!

Best wishes PB x
I have been dx 18months and I get pins and needles, mainly in right shoulder.
Hi Jill, welcome.

I believe the pins and needles you're experiencing are what is known as FORMICATION.

This has been discussed a lot here, just do a few searches around the forum & you should find plenty.

Alternatively use Google or Wikipedia.

Hi Jill, Ray is quite right about the pins n needles. I had it in my left shoulder years before my dx and my neuro said that it does happen. I still get it a lot now so I'm sure that the meds don't stop it. It drives me mad!!

Hi Ray

I did google the word formication for myself really. Had a lot of problems at the begining before dx and have never been told that it was formication. Very interesting. Thanx. Awful feeling though!!

PB x
Hi again.

I suffer from it every day, to varying degrees. Often it starts up just as I'm nodding off in bed, and re-awakens me with a start. With me it usually starts in the left shoulder blade then works its way round and down my left (dominant) arm, then leg. Finally right shoulder/arm/leg.

Massage helps, if you have someone available.

Well I have good neighbours Ray. Only joking!! On a serious note, the feeling is horrid I just thought maybe it was me, so I have learnt something today. Thank you makes me understand more.
My doctor prescribes me Gabapentin capsules (300 mg each) for the formication, 3 times daily (1 every 8 hours).

However, on me its effects seem fairly minimal.