Please help

my dad has parkinsons he has his bad days and good usually .but he really started to have problems urinating of a night especially so evevntually went to the doctors who told him he had a urinal infection and perscribed antibiotics .he had a terrable reaction to them but took the course but has not got any better so told docter who has again perscribed more antibiotics .he has been up all lastnight and all day today been shaking vigorosly we cant get in touch with his parkinsons nurse she is on holiday or his consultant .my mom and dad really are at there wits end






Hi. The PUK Helpline will be open at 9am, will give you good advice. Number at top of page.


Hi Barney,

Yes, do phone the Helpline. You don't say what medication your father is taking for PD, or which antibiotics he was given. Did the doctor make a thorough check on which antibiotic was safe to prescribe? Sometimes they react with PD drugs and make things worse. I would find out if this might be the case. I hope things improve soon.


thanks both . is it a common thing with parkinsons to have urine troubles do you know




yes I am afraid so it is again down to our own unique dna some have water work troubles some have bowel troubles if you think off the central nervous system as a whole it controls every single bodily function we have.

but as said by others on here do call the help line they really can help they will arrange for a Parkinson's specialist nurse to call you back. I can honestly say without this forum and PUK i feel I would have cracked up by now and I am only 3 years dx.


best of luck BB.

Hi there Barney!

Yes-it's not uncommon to have bladder problems,and these can come and go from day to day.

I find that mine can be caused by stress and the bladder not even releasing each time-so it's nothing unusual.

My Consultant give me medication to try and stop the flow,but it gave me all sorts of problems with urinating-and I stopped taking them.

CONFIDENCE helps a lot and I've worn nappies to give this-especially if I'm going on a long journey by car-and I've stayed dry all day knowing it didn't matter if I wet or not.  Inconinence issdues can be extremly embarrassing and I often find it's easier talking guy to guy about problems and solutions.

Best of luck and please get back if I can be of any more assistance..

coolIts  vital  to  get  this  sorted Barney,  I  ended  up  in  emergency intensive care which started  as a  water  infection and ended  as possible  pneumonia it  wasnt  as  it  happens but it  was  stopped  by  the   most  powerful antibiotic  they  had, also Tolterodine works for  me, i  was up and  down all night but  now  sleep  right through, if  I go to  bed  later  11.00ish


I have only just seen this post and I hope all is fine now.  My husband had three bouts of infection twelve months ago and only the fourth lot of antibiotics cleared it. He has had no infections since, but his bladder doesn't work as well as it did and he has had to get to know how to mange it. He  takes Madopar.   Bladder and bowel problems seem to be normal

Urinary hesitaiton is a problem in PWP, BUT, those of you who have this problem please get a PSA test to rule out any other possible problems. OH has this test   annually just to put our  mimds at rest and not attribute hesitation problems purely  to Parkinsons.